Video Direct: Amazon’s video platform to support independent filmmakers

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If you are a producer of audiovisual content such as feature films, this may be of interest to you. Prime Video Direct has become the allied platform for independent film producers and directors.

This platform belonging to the giant Amazon aims to help all those directors of audiovisual productions, from independent filmmakers to small studios. All this is in order to have a global reach and reach millions of devices in real-time.

If you are an independent producer or director and have decided to use Amazon Prime Videos. Join me to learn a little more about this platform.

Here’s what you need to know if you’ve decided to use Amazon Prime Videos

What is the process to create a Video Direct account?

Please note that Prime Video Direct is completely free of charge. This means that there is no charge for submitting or managing your content titles. Once you have set up your amazon direct account, you will be able to submit your content for purchase or rental on selected local sites.

The prime video direct account setup basically consists of:

  • Creating the account and profile for the company: You can either link an existing Amazon account or you can create one for using it with Prime Video Direct. The profile should include all the information of the organization and in case they do not belong to one, you can enter your first and last name as the name of the company.
  • Banking and tax information: It is necessary to configure this information since royalties are canceled electronically according to the data you provide. You must also include your tax information, as this is one of the statutes required by U.S. law.

Once your amazon prime video direct account is set up, you will be able to submit your titles and if they are accepted, you will be able to promote them and track their performance in real-time.

What is Amazon Prime Video’s licensing decision?

Generally, licenses are granted to titles that have not been broadcast in theaters and have not been rebroadcast or won any kind of award. This means that if your film is professionally produced, you are probably not eligible for an Amazon Video Direct license.

Always keep in mind that submission does not guarantee that the title will be selected. Each independent production title undergoes review before an Amazon Prime Video licensing decision is made. While the title is awaiting licensing, it will always remain under “submitted” status until it has been selected or not.

What kind of content can I publish on Prime Video Direct?

With Prime Video Direct you can make all your content available on all Prime Video compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, Smart TV, and game consoles. As mentioned above, sending your content does not guarantee that the Amazon Prime Video licensing decision will be granted.

Amazon Prime Direct generally licenses content that has not been professionally produced. That is, audiovisual projects such as feature films or television shows, which have never been released in theaters or aired on a major television network, or been selected for a major film festival.

Please note that amazon prime video direct does not accept content that is not considered feature films or TV shows. Content categories that are no longer accepted include product reviews, unboxing, news segments, vlogs, health videos, home videos, tutorials, and more.

How to download exclusive Amazon Prime Video content to enjoy offline?

Enjoy amazing Amazon Prime Direct content from wherever you are, even if you are not connected to a WIFI signal. How is this possible? Well, there is a way to download exclusive content in an easy and simple way and that is through video download platforms.

There are many video platforms that you can find. Among the most popular are MyStream and BBFly. Download all your content in an unlimited way through these innovative platforms.

About MyStream.

If you want to enjoy exclusive content even when you are offline, MyStream is what you need. This innovative platform is compatible with most OTT platforms. Through it, you can download your favorite content in an easy and simple way. You can configure the quality and resolution of the video.

Downloading videos through MyStream is easy and simple, just follow the steps below.

Step 1 To enjoy Amazon Prime exclusive content offline, you will need to download MyStream Downloader on your computer or mobile device. Access it much faster through this link→

Step 2 Once you have the MyStream application downloaded, it is time to access it. Once you are inside the application, you must locate “Amazon Prime” in the list of Streaming channels.

Step 3 Now you will need to log in to your account and start searching for the video you want to download. Configure aspects related to the resolution and quality of the video and that’s it. You can now start downloading your favorite content to enjoy offline.

About BBFLy

BBFly has become a very convenient solution for all those users who want to download video content over the Web. This platform is compatible with more than 100 websites. Of course, Amazon Prime Video is included in this group.

Download content with no time limit, no ads, and the best resolution.

Downloading videos through BBFly is easy and simple. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1 To access all Amazon Prime Video offline content. As a first step, you will need to download the BBFly app on your device or computer. Access it quickly through the following link →

Step 2 Once you have BBFLy installed, access it. When you are inside, locate Amazon Prime Video in the streaming channel list. Log in, select the content you want to download, select the video settings, and you are done.

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