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mkv player mac

MKV player Mac software is a tool designed to play and support MKV files. This application empowers you to easily load MKV videos with various formats, such as CD, DVD and etc.

MKV, short for Matroska Multimedia Container, has been a universal and popular video format. It is mainly used to store movies and videos. The reason why this format is so welcomed is that it can hold various videos, images, audio files, and subtitle tracks. Today we gonna talk about the MKV player for Mac. I believe these players given below will help you a lot.

1. DVDFab Player 6 for Mac

Not different from the other MKV player Mac programs by first looking, DVDFab Player 6 is not as simple and plain as what we understand. As the best MKV player for Mac, it is featured with a simple and concise user interface. Marked by its lightning-fast playback engine, DVDFab Player 6 also supports PC and TV play modes which are built to apply for screens of different sizes.
With Menu and HDR10 support on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, DVDFab Player 6 becomes a significant and outstanding MKV player for Mac platform. It is common to confront such problems as growing movie and TV collections out of order. So you can add these videos to the local library to manage and organize them. Also, you can simplify your experience while using the software. In the meanwhile, you can use Poster Wall to manage and organize your media much more of simplicity and convenience.
Except for the free version, DVDFab Player 6 has two paid versions, Standard and Ultra. You are capable of playing back DVDs with menu support, Blu-ray main movie titles, and non 4K UHD/HEVC videos. In addition to all the features in the Standard version, the Ultra version also can playback 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray main movies and support 4K UHD and HEVC (H.265) video playback.
Based on users’ reviews of both the Standard and Ultra versions, the application scores 4.9. I hope this software can provide you with a better experience of viewing.

mkv player mac


  • Support playing almost all video formats, particularly MKV files on Mac
  • Brand-new and user-friendly interface
  • All-inclusive support on 4K UHD, HEVC, and other media files


  • Free version with limited functions

2. Elmedia Player for Mac

As an MKV player Mac program, Elmedia Player provides you with advanced streaming options. It is compatible with all universally seen video and audio formats, notably MKV. This free MKV player for Mac can make you accessible for a perfect HD experience and will not exert pressure on your CPU. With this MKV player for Mac free of charge, you won’t encounter slowdowns or sync issues to block your playback.
Meanwhile, this MKV video player Mac software enables users to have an ad-free online experience. In another word, this MKV player for Mac free of charge can play online movies or videos without embedded advertisements. You can use this free MKV player for Mac to directly watch online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, or Vimeo.
When it comes to watching a movie or video, the subtitle is an essential part. Stable and extensive subtitle support will improve your viewing experience. You can use this MKV player Mac software to load subtitles manually or automatically, with subtitles supporting SRT, ASS, SMIL, and other formats.

best mkv player for mac


  • Customized video and audio playback
  • Handle any conceivable media format
  • No additional codecs are required for it to work
  • Audio equalizer and visualizer to enhance your audio quality


  • Run with limitation on older devices
  • Some features limited on the free version

3. VLC Media Player for Mac

If you want to find a free MKV player Mac program, you can turn to VLC Media Player. Due to its free and open-source features, the best MKV player Mac software empowers you to play almost every format, MKV in particular. Furthermore, what interests us is you can use keyboard shortcuts to easily switch between different audio and subtitle tracks in videos.
Besides, you can customize your player as you desire by adding themes and changing other settings. While playing videos, you can improve the audio quality and adjust the playback.
This MKV player Mac download free and is compatible with different Windows systems, Mac, Linux, as well as Android, Windows Phone, and IOS.

best mkv player mac


  • Available on all operating systems including PC and mobile devices
  • No embedded spying applications, advertisement, or user-tracing settings
  • No need to download codecs while watching MKV videos


  • Such advanced features as Rotating videos are too complex to use
  • Outdated-look user interface and not concise as the other apps

Wrapping UP

These are our top choices for the best MKV player Mac. You can choose your favorite player in accordance with your idea. No matter what MKV player for Mac was selected, it is recommended that you can try each of them to meet your needs. And if you want to try some MKV player for Windows, you can refer to the post Top 3 Best MKV Player Windows Applications we published a few days before.


Which is the best MKV player for Mac?

  • After introducing the best three MKV player Mac free of charge software, I believe that everyone could have their options. Basically speaking, DVDFab Player 6 is the best MKV player for Mac platform. This media player can support playing back 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray videos. Most importantly, you can watch a movie on a larger screen smart TV. Plus, it also allows for remote control for Windows Media Center. You can do almost all things related to MKV files with just a single MKV video player Mac program.

Is the VLC player safe for Mac?

  • Generally speaking, this MKV player Mac software is safe to run on your devices. But when you play some media files with uncertainty and malicious bugs, it may put a strain on your system and even undermine your computer. Therefore, if you want to ensure your computer is safe, you must carefully select and play media files. Besides, it is an essential step to update the program to recover bugs.

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