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On Netflix, many of us enjoy watching chick films. In this article, we’ll look at some of Netflix’s top chick films and romantic comedies, including Clueless, Mean Girls, and The Notebook. Grazia has further information. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for good Netflix female flicks. Netflix has a lot of great options for girls’ night out movies.

These chick flicks aren’t strictly about rich characters’ tales and drama, but they are full of emotions and sensations. These films have their own following and may be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services. On Netflix, you may watch the most recent female flicks.

Over time, the phrase has expanded to include different genres that aren’t always tied to love dramas or breakups. The target audience for chick flick movies has shifted, despite the fact that not all males will admit it. Many males nowadays enjoy watching chick films. Chick films are a popular genre, and Netflix has a large selection. These are our favorite Netflix female films for your next movie night. We shave a variety of new and vintage female films.

Grab some popcorn and watch the best chick flicks on Netflix

Sweet And Sour

Netflix will release a sweet and sour girl film. When? Fans will be happy to see the new series of girl flicks on Netflix, despite the lack of a release date. The new film, directed by Lee Gye Byeok, will depict the true flavor of love. It’s a perplexing title that represents the bittersweet metamorphosis of love. Jang Ki Yong will play the indifferent actor Jang Hyuk. Your heart will begin to beat quicker!

One of the best romantic comedies on Netflix, Sweet and Sour, covers both the sweet and acidic sides of relationships. When Jang Hyeok (Jang Kiyong) gets a new job, he and Jung Daeun (Chae Seo-bin) become long-distance lovers. As their distance grows, their love lives shift. Definitely one of the Netflix female flicks not to be missed.

One Day

Another excellent chick-flick film. Dexter (Dexter) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) celebrate Emma’s college graduation (Jim Sturgess). They stay together for the night. As the years pass, the film depicts their lives from that fateful July 15th day. They are together at times and alone at other times. This Netflix chick flick is based on David Nicholls’ novel of the same name. It investigates if the concept of a soulmate is accurate.

Emma and Dexter appear to be soul mates. Will this, however, prove to be correct? Will they stay together, or will they break up? They appear to be determined to keep each other away, with Dexter pursuing a life of sex, drugs, and drink while Emma marries and divorces another person.

Something Borrowed

Something that has been borrowed One of the best girl flicks on Netflix serves as my emotional support movie. It’s the one I turn to when I need reassurance and don’t want to look at my phone. Darcy, who has a timid college infatuation who also happens to be her best friend’s fiancé, stars in one of Netflix’s best romantic comedy. Messy! You should add this to your Netflix watch list of girl flicks.

Five Feet Apart

When you’re feeling bad, this is one of those Netflix female flicks you’ll want to watch. This touching video depicts two youngsters falling in love despite battling a life-threatening illness. Cystic Fibrosis was diagnosed in both Stella and Will. The bacterium might kill them in minutes if they get within five feet of each other.

The Kissing Booth

This is another another wonderful Netflix female film. One of Elle and Lee’s most important friendship rules is that their elder brother is off-limits. Elle, on the other hand, defies the norm and is forced to keep their connection a secret in order to save her friendship.

The Perfect Date

Brooks aspires to be a star in his ivy league career, but he must first raise funds. Brooks creates an app through which he can rent himself out for events and weddings, posing as the ideal boyfriend. He meets a lot of girls, but he isn’t getting any closer to the woman he truly desires.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean must devise a method of concealing secret letters sent to her crush via email. To show her sister that she is over him, Lara Jean chooses to pretend (kind of) to be in a relationship with one of the lads.

American Honey

Star Lane (Sasha Lane) is an adolescent with no life experience. She is a member of a touring magazine sales team. As they sprint through the Midwest, fueled by hard drinking, sex, and a lot of alcohol, it’s a trip she’ll never forget. Star has a romantic relationship (Shia LaBeouf).

Despite the film’s length, the characters keep you interested and make it a worthwhile watch. Andrea Arnold wrote and directed the film. It’s a lovely blend of romance and coming-of-age story. At the Cannes Film Festival, it won the Jury Prize.

She’s Gotta Have It 3

She’s Gotta Have It 3 is the third installment of the She’s Gotta Have It series.

The popular TV show She’s Gotta Have It is now in production for its third season. Season three was ordered by Netflix last year, and Lee has been watching it for months. Season three will air on Halloween 2022, the same day as season two. Because the director is presently working on another feature film, Season 3 may be delayed even longer.

Nola Darling, played by DeWanda Wise, is a free-spirited artist. Her career progresses, and she battles to maintain her celebrity. Her trip, on the other hand, transforms the lives of others around her. The first season premiered in November 2017 and was picked up for a second season in May 2018. It’s one of the best chick films you’ll ever see.

When We First Met

When you meet the girl of your dreams, what do you do? Noah (Adam Devine) finds a time machine that allows him to relive Groundhog Day. Noah returns to the Halloween party where he met Avery for the first time (Alexandra Daddario). He tries to affect the outcome by convincing her to fall in love with him rather than her fiance. Noah’s unwavering pursuit of his aim results in both amusing and romantic circumstances. We’d put it up there with the best girl films.


One of the better female flicks. Cora has everything she desires: a modeling contract, her picture in every magazine, and a happy life. Cora flees to Australia to find out who she is and to see her family. She returns to Australia, where she pursues her passion for fashion design while also discovering a new passion: surfing.

Other People

If you enjoy chick flick movies, you will enjoy this one. Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) reunite after twelve years after spending one night in college together. After exchanging their stories, they both realize how much they have in common. They’re both serial cheaters who can’t keep a relationship together. Their new platonic friendship seemed to be assisting them in moving forward in their lives.

These are the top chick flicks we think you should see. We hope you enjoy our Netflix selection of female films.

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We hope you enjoy our Netflix selections for girl films. These are some of the best chick flicks that will emotionally engage you while you watch them. These Netflix girls night movies will keep you company at your overnight parties. If you don’t want to get too emotional, you can watch the best romantic comedy on Netflix. Have a good time viewing female flicks. If you want to suggest new chick flicks for us to see, please leave a comment.

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