How to Convert Mkv to MOV

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Now it is possible to convert your videos from Mkv to MOV format, you can do it quickly by using the Mkv converter. You can’t miss it, get your favorite videos in MOV format.

If you are a fan of watching high-quality multimedia content but don’t have enough space on your device or PC, don’t worry! Mkv was designed to contain a large gallery of videos, recordings, and images in a single file.

This is possible because Mkv is an open standard format that aims to store unlimited multimedia content.

Despite its qualities, Mkv is sometimes not compatible with some operating systems, for this reason, there is the MKV converter, where you can convert Mkv to MOV. By using the Mkv video converter you don’t need to lose the quality of your favorite videos, as it usually happens with some converters.

With the mkv to MOV converter, the video resolution is preserved so you can continue enjoying the best content. In addition, by changing Mkv to mov your files will be available to open on different operating systems, improving your viewing experience.

锚点Matroska Multimedia Container


MKV is an extension of the Matroska file format, its acronym stands for Matroska Multimedia Container. It is a file format and container that has enormous versatility, i.e. it has unlimited storage capacity in a single file.

This concept could be illustrated as follows: in an Mkv file there is a movie animation in a specific language, in that same file you can save audios or subtitles of the same movie in different languages. And when you open the file you can choose the language you want to play along with the movie.

On the other hand, Matroska is based on Extensible Binary Metal Language, and its main function is to act as a container, storing countless files.

The Matroska formats include support for metadata, the possibility of extension through modules, a quick search system, the possibility of storing different formats in a single file, high transmission quality, and Mkv to MOV converter.

锚点MOV, an Apple format

MOV is a video format in association with QuickTime, its structural support uses an algorithm in charge of suppressing videos and audios. It is compatible with MAC and Windows OS.

It has tracks for storage, each of these tracks must be encoded with a codec, thus enabling the compatibility of the multimedia content.

The format was developed in 1998 by Apple and has a high affinity with several video players and some editing tools. Also, it shares some similarities with MP4 because both have the same code.

If we dig a little deeper into the functions of this video format, we can find:

  • Ability to enhance the sound, images, and transmission quality. All of these can be edited separately.
  • It is a secure format for playing multimedia content.
  • In an Apple environment, QuickTime is interchangeable with mp4 as they have the same MPEG-4 code.
  • It can save tracks independently.
  • It is compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

锚点MOV compatible programs

Based on their compatibility with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows there are specific programs with the ability to play MOV files. For example Apple QuickTime Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, VideoLAN VLC Media Player, Roxio Creator, and CyberLink PowerDVD.

Each of these programs has particular characteristics for video playback. Thus, it is convenient to convert Mkv to MOV. But as both are formats of great interest in the transmission of videos, it is of great importance to know the operating systems that are compatible with each one, establishing the need or not of changing Mkv to MOV.

锚点How to convert Mkv to MOV online?

To learn how Mkv video converter works and convert Mkv to MOV you need to follow simple steps. One of them is to choose the online converter of your choice, we will take MKV to MOV Converter as an example.

1st step: Select the Mkv file to convert.

2nd step: You can change the quality and size if you want, if you prefer to keep the original format, there is no problem to change mkv to mov.

3rd step: Press the start conversion option, then the mkv converter will start converting mkv to mov.

4th step: The change from mkv to mov format will be finished and you will be able to download your mov file.

If you follow these steps it will be easy and efficient to change from mkv to mov.

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Now you can know how to convert mkv to mov, using the mkv converter to change your favorite videos from mkv to mov. In addition, you can know where to download the multimedia content of your choice through MyStream and BBFly.

Remember, the mkv format guarantees you an excellent resolution quality, but if your PC is not compatible with this format you can convert mkv to mov without any inconvenience through the mkv video converter.

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