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MakeMKV Review 2020 for DVD/Blu-ray Ripping

How to rip DVDs/Blu-rays with MakeMKV 2020? It needs to learn to protect videos/audios in DVD/Blu-ray discs from damaging due to repeated playback? You need the assistance of a DVD and Blu-ray ripping tool. It is able to extract videos and audios from a DVD and Blu-ray disc. Then, output your files in any mainstream video and audio formats, such as MKV, MP4, etc.

Where to find such a helpful program? There is a belief that MakeMKV is a good DVD/Blu-ray ripper. Now, welcome to read this MakeMKV Review 2020 for DVD/Blu-ray Ripping. With the help MakeMKV, you can enjoy Blu-ray movies on iPhone and convert UHD Blu-rays to your favorite formats.

MakeMKV is dedicated to ripping DVD and Blu-ray discs.

1. Main Features of MakeMKV

  • Able to read DVD discs for free
  • Competent to read Blu-ray discs for free, including those protected by the latest AACS & BD+
  • Capable to preserve video/audio/HD audio tracks
  •  Display metadata information of your DVD and Blu-ray files, like chapters, track language and audio type
  • Convert videos/audios as fast as possible, outputting them in the format of MKV

All of these are MakeMKV’s key features. It is a good program for DVD and Blu-ray ripping. Considering MKV 4K videos can be found everywhere such as YouTube as well as Facebook. It is also easily accessible in most players. So, it is wise to choose MakeMKV as your DVD and Blu-ray video conversion tool. In the future, you can wander in the world of MakeMKV 4K movies on the wings of MakeMKV software. Now, how about heading to MakeMKV download and learning how to use this MakeMKV Blu-ray Ripping tool?

2. How to Use MakeMKV to Rip DVD/Blu-ray Files

You are desitned to be a skillful user at MakeMKV software. Before enjoying the rich and powerful services of this DVD and Blu-ray ripper program, finish MakeMKV download. Then, create MakeMKV DVD/Blu-ray and MakeMKV UHD videos at will. Here, find where to download MakeMKV and learn how to use this DVD/Blu-ray ripping tool.

Step 1: Download and Install MakeMKV

How to rip DVDs/Blu-rays with MakeMKV 2020? This is the wensite for MakeMKV Download ( Follow the instructions and get this DVD and Blu-ray Ripper launched.

MakeMKV is compatible with Windows (XP or later, x86 or x64) and Mac OS X (x64, 10.6 or later), and there is also MakeMKV on Mac. It has 30-day trial for every user. You can buy MakeMKV, making it your lifelong friend with $30.  To sign MakeMKV on Apple, you need to adjust gatekeeper options in advance.  It means a lot to get MakeMKV 3D Ripper on Apple. Besides, if you want to download MakeMKV to Linux, go to the “MakeMKV Forum”. There is information on MakeMKV 1.14.7 for Linux. After all the operations, ready for MakeMKV registration.

Revision History of MakeMKV: MakeMKV 1.14.7 is the latest version, which is widely used to rip MakeMKV DVD/Blu-ray/ISO files as well as MakeMKV UHD videos. You are expected to choose the latest version of MakeMKV download as well. The upgradation of this software was released on April 12th, 2019. Compared with the last version 1.14.6, this new version makes MakeMKV better compatible with decrypted AACS 2.1 FMTS files and fixes the variable expansion bug for default file name template. Hard work to update is always under progress. From the publication of MakeMKV, this software has gone through about tens of update. During this process, the hard-working and professional designers have solved endless bugs while enhancing the quality of MakeMKV to a gain better user experience. How about using it for MakeMKV 4K Blu-ray films.

Step 2: Do Some Pre-setting

There is a “Wrench icon” in the toolbar. of MakeMKV beta.  Click it and look though “Preferences” and “General” to set the output directory. Focus on “Log debug messages”, “Allow contacting web server for updates”, “Export mode” and “Show AV synchronization messages”. Then, for the panel of “Video”, set the video destination for your MakeMKV Blu-ray videos and decide the minimum title length. As to the panel of “IO”, the read buffer size ranges from 64 to 256, 512, 768 and 1024. The last two buttons of “Language” and “Protection” enable you to set the interface language and define the DVD structure protection removal method and more. Afterwards, load DVD/Blu-ray files to MakeMKV.

Preset in MakeMKV before ripping DVD/Blu-ray files


Step 3: Rip DVD/Blu-ray Files with MakeMKV

Subsequently, let’s learn about how to rip DVD/Blu-ray files with MakeMKV Blu-ray tool. Start MakeMKV after MakeMKV download and load your file to this software. Considering MakeMKV can decrypt any video files, import your DVD or Blu-ray disc or movie at will.  Here, I will take a DVD video as an example to show you how to rip a DVD video to MKV format file.

How to Rip DVDs/Blu-rays with MakeMKV 2020? First, you need to click the option of “Open Files” to load your source video. After that, MakeMKV will analyze it and presents you with the basic information of this file. Before converting your MakeMKV DVD files, you are supposed to set the “Output folder” first. You can extract all the chapters of a video, or get some chapters by unchecking the box before “Title”. Then, click “Make MKV” and your MakeMKV DVD video will be under conversion. If you plan to rip 4K Blu-ray movie with MakeMKV, follow the same procedures. Do you have a desire to buy MakeMKV? For more details about MakeMKV, you are welcomed to the MakeMKV forum.

How to rip MakeMKV DVD and Blu-ray videos

Note: As to converting a MakeMKV Blu-ray video, what is its difference in comparison with transforming a MakeMKV DVD video? It is manifested in the way to name the ripping file. For MakeMKV DVD video creation, Title_01, Title_02 can be renamed to avoid repetition. While for MakeMKV Blu-ray ripping, the output video will be named after the title of the Blu-ray movie automatically.

3. MakeMKV Alternative

How to Rip DVDs/Blu-rays with MakeMKV 2020? Although MakeMKV is capable for MakeMKV 4K videos Ripping, there is a more powerful tool deserving your attention. That is DVDFab Ripper, composed of DVDFab DVD Ripper, DVDFab Blu-ray ripper as well as DVDFab UHD Ripper. To use any of them such as DVDFab DVD Ripper, you need to download and install itfirst. Following is a brief introduction to the functions of DVDFab DVD Ripper and how to use it.

(1) Functions of DVDFab DVD Ripper

  • Read any DVD disc/ISO/folder
  •  Extract and convert any DVD disc/ISO/folder to any mainstream video/audio formats
  •  Rip and convert any DVD disc/ISO/folder to any devices supporting video playback
  •  Copy and convert any DVD disc/ISO/folder with metadata
  •  Display your output file with the Show Title, Season and Episode Number
  • Make a digital backup copy and convert videos at Turbo-Speed
  •  Empowered by Enlarger AI, the output videos can be upscaled by 300% up to 1080p

Compared with MakeMKV, DVDFab DVD Ripper is more versatile in functions. In terms of format conversion, DVDFab DVD Ripper supports more output formats besides MKV. With its assistance, you can rip MakeMKV DVD/Blu-ray videos, as well as MOV DVD/Blu-ray files. In addition, with the help of Enlarger AI, DVDFab DVD Ripper produces more clear MakeMKV DVD videos than the source. I think you will be greatly beneficial. Similar to MakeMKV, DVDFab Ripper has also gone through much upgradation, which makes this free software a real success.

Rip MakeMKV DVD movieS with DVDFab DVD Ripper(2) How to Use DVDFab DVD Ripper

How to rip DVDs/Blu-rays with MakeMKV alternative 2020? Download and Install DVDFab DVD Ripper: This process only takes you three clicks. Compared with MakeMKV download, DVDFab DVD Ripper is much easier to install and accelerates MakeMKV DVD videos making.

Set Interface Language: After starting DVDFab DVD Ripper, you can set the interface language first by clicking the “Little Triangle” > “Common Settings” in the upper-right corner. DVDFab DVD Ripper is available in 29 languages like English, Norsk, and among others. Compared with MakeMKV, DVDFab DVD Ripper’s interface is more colorful and gives you more choices.

Choose Output Format: In general, DVDFab DVD Ripper has more functions than MakeMKV. Click the “Ripper” module and load your DVD video by clicking the “+” icon at the center of the main interface. Next, click the option of “Profile Switcher”. Here, you are enabled to choose a preferred video/audio format, subtitle format featuring “SRT”, web featuring “YouTube” and device. DVDFab DVD Ripper supports video formats like “AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, TS, VOB and WMV”. The supported audio formats include “AAC, AC3, AIFF, APE, AU, DTS, EAC3, FLAC, M4A, MKA, MP3, OGG, COPY, WAV and WMA”. Most importantly, you can enable the “Enlarge AI” function where “MKV and MP4” formats are afforded. Once you use this function, your videos image will immediately change from 480p to 1080p. While for MakeMKV, it doesn’t have the function to upscale images.

Use MakeMKV aternative to rip DVD/Blu-ray 4K videosSet Output Directory: Before clicking the button of “Start”, you need to decide where to store your ripped DVD video. You can save it to your mobile devices, PC and share it to social media featuring “YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo”. At last, click “Start” and this free software will work faster than MakeMKV to process your task.


How to rip DVDs/Blu-rays with MakeMKV 2020? This is the introduction to MakeMKV review 2020 for DVD/Blu-ray ripping. This article of great importance to DVD/Blu-ray/UHD videos’ ripping. Through this article, you will have a full picture of the features of MakeMKV and how to use it to extract your DVD/Blu-ray files. In the meantime, to meet your increasing needs in ripping and converting a file, the top alternative to MakeMKV – DVDFab DVD Ripper is highly recommended. It allows you to enjoy Blu-ray movies on iPhone.

Through a comparison between MakeMKV and DVDFab DVD Ripper, it is easy to see DVDFab DVD Ripper supports more conversion formats and possesses more versatile functions. The newly updated “Enlarger AI” function deserves your try. No matter your final choice is MakeMKV or DVDFab Ripper for DVD/Blu-ray files, I hope you can gain more knowledge and skills in ripping a movie. If you also want to know how to use MakeMKV on Linux, please read another artilce.

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I used to ripping DVD movies with MakeMKV. But after I have tried DVDFab DVD Ripper, I find it much easier to use. So I recommend it to you.

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is really more user-friendly than MakeMKV. You could never imagine how fast it was when I ripped my favorite Blu-ray film with this free software.

MakeMKV doesn’t work well all the time. So it is neceessary to find an alternative to it. Now, I am glad I have found DVDFab DVD Ripper, which will be my second-to-none ripper for my favorite DVD videos.

I have been looking for an a tool to rip a DVD movie and send it to my best friend as birthday gift. Till now, DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best one I have found to do that.

I gave it 5 stars for two reasons. First, DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper is really good enough as the alternative to MakeMKV. Second, this free softare is free and easy to use, which helps me a lot.

In the past, I was a frequent user to MakeMKV too. But there are many services needing money which stumps me a lot. Now, with the help of DVDFab DVD Ripper and Blu-ray Ripper, I couldn’t help taking out all may DVD and Blu-ray discs. What is waiting for me ahead will be plenty of portable videos. So great!

I like this DVDFab DVD Ripper, especially for its download and installation without any code. MakeMKV claims to be free but always pushes me to find a registration code. I have no patience any more.

[…] When you find MakeMKV is hard to use, remember that DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper is waiting for you. With the help of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, there is no MakeMKV registration code or MakeMKV key is needed. Free access combined with easy steps makes this MakeMKV alternative stand out. For more information about how to rip DVD videos from a disc, read MakeMKV Review 2020 for DVD/Blu-ray Ripping. […]

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