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Where to find the MakeMKV key to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs? ♠And how do you deal with your DVD/Blu-ray discs, especially for the passionate lovers of DVD and Blu-ray movies?  ♠In the 1990s, technological progress brought us to an era of disc. ♠Since then, almost all the countries in the workd were obsessed with the round disc. ♠But nowadays, who can image a life with DVD and Blu-ray discs dying out? ♠Instead, you need to  convert DVD to digital format free with an MakeMKV key.

Help you rip DVD/Blu-ray discs
DVD/Blu-ray Discs Ripping

♦Table of Contents:

  1. 1. What is MakeMKV Key for?
  2. 2. How to Use MakeMKV?
  3. 3. Fix “MakeMKV Key Not Found”

1. What Is MakeMKV Key for?

Have you ever used MakeMKV to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs and output files in MKV format? This software is compatbile with Windows, Mac and Linux, free with an MakeMKV key. If you want to save money with this DVD ripping software, just find MakeMKV key at your best. But if you are a new comer, do you know where to find an MakeMKV key, MakeMKV coupon code or MakeMKV registration code?

In most cases, answers will be hidden in the MakeMKV forum. And sometimes, it may spend you lot of time in finding it. So would you like to find a shortcut?

Similar to this MakeMKV, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper also help to rip DVD and Blu-ray files. They save you from finding a code like MakeMKV key. And hey provide free service directly.  So if you find MakeMKV hard to use, you can turn to this MakeMKV alternative for help. With free and versatile services, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper have gained in popularity over recent years. They keep you from “where to find the MakeMKV key“.

MakeMKV Key
Tools to make a digital backup copy of DVD/Blu-ray discs

2. How to Use MakeMKV?

Following are detailed instructions on how to use MakeMKV to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs. For those who want an MakeMKV key or MakeMKV registration code, look thorugh MakeMKV forum creafully.

(1) Get MakeMKV launched on your machine

Does MakeMKV download need money? Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. To be exact, MakeMKV is free in beta  when you have a MakeMKV key registration code. In the free version, all the DVD functionality is free of charge, so is part of the functionality of BD. To enjoy all the services of MakeMKV, you’d better purchase it.

(2) Put DVD or Blu-ray disc to your drive

After launching MakeMKV on your Windows or Mac with or without the assistance of MakeMKV key, put your DVD or Blu-ray disc to your optical drive. A Blu-ray drive can read both DVD and Blu-ray discs. While a DVD drive is only capable to read Blu-ray discs, though you have MakeMKV key in hand. After one minute or so, MakeMKV will finish reading your file and stop spinning. At this moment, click the “disc” icon on the interface, and you will see all the files in the disc. With the help of MakeMKV key, everything is free.

MakeMKV Key
Put DVD/Blu-ray discs to your drive

(3) Set the output folder

Where to save your file and it will be easy for you to find your MKV video at last? Click the option under “Output folder” and choose a default folder or set a new one to store your file. Finding a good place to save your converted files from a disc makes file easily found and MakeMKV key worthwhile.

MakeMKV Key
Set “output folder” in MakeMKV

(4) Select preferred video & audio

Supported by an MakeMKV key, choose preferred titles to rip after seeing all the files in a disc. There are many files in the DVD or Blu-ray disc. You can select your preferred video & audio and ticked them off., or rip them all.

(5) Click Make MKV

Now, it is time to click the button of “Make MKV” and start the conversion. MakeMKV will work fast to convert your DVD or Blu-ray video to the format of MKV after seeing your MakeMKV key if necessary. After the progress ends, you can find your file in the output folder. Everything is solved after knowing where to find the MakeMKV key.

2.1 Supported Devices for MKV Format

MKV stands for Matroska Video files and was mainly created by a Russian developer. MKV is a comprehensive multimedia container file format, widely used on tablets, desktops and mobile devices, etc. Files in this format are available in many players. So, converting videos from a DVD or Blu-ray disc to MKV format is forward-looking. That’s why MakeMKV is dedicated to converting files to this format and introduces the MakeMKV key.

MKV format compatibility
Where to play MKV files

2.2 Difficulties in Using MakeMKV

Although MakeMKV is powerful, not all the users can get the MakeMKV registration key easily. The key point is where to find the MakeMKV key. You need much patience and keen eye to find the MakeMKV license if you must use it.

(1) MakeMKV Registration Key:

To use MakeMKV beta, there calls for a MakeMKV key for old versions. Free MakeMKV can be found in the page of “MakeMKV is free while in beta” or “”. As MakeMKV updates, a new MakeMKV key will be followed. Usually, MakeMKV will upgrade every two months. The MakeMKV registration code 2019 will be available by the end of March 2020.

You are expected to buy the full activation key for more functions. But the purchase of MakeMKV will take you some time. Hope you can find the MakeMKV registration key easily.

MakeMKV Key updation
Update MakeMKV registration code

(2) Permanent Key Finding:

For comprehensive functions of MakeMKV, a special MakeMKV code after purchasing it is needed. Go to the official website of MakeMKV. Click “Help” > “Purchase”. Or, locate “” directly.

(3) MakeMKV Price:

MakeMKV is a little expensive with $AU 88 charged. If you are a occasional user to convert videos from a DVD and Blu-ray disc to MKV format, you have another choice. DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper can finish that as well. If you stick to MakeMKV, E-mail MakeMKV staff to get a MakeMKV discount code.

(4) System Date Changing:

Besides using MakeMKV key to launch MakeMKV, you should ensure your system date is available. To make MakeMKV available on your Windows, right-click the clock in the task bar > “Adjust date/time”. The same goes for MacOS.

For more frequently asked questions about MakeMKV key and MakeMKV registration, welcome to the MakeMKV support forum. If you are disappointed with MakeMKV, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper are waiting for you.

3. Fix MakeMKV Key Not Found

DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper are good alternatives to MakeMKV. They are easier to use than MakeMKV. No MakeMKV key makes the free services of DVDFab easily accessible. Here, I will take DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper as an example, showing how to rip 2D/3D Blu-rays from discs to popular 2D/3D videos.

MakeMKV Alternative - DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
Rip DVD/Blu-ray discs with DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper

(1) Download and install DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

While you are installing this software, no other apps will be added to disturb you, not to mention a MakeMKV key. After starting this DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, choose the “Ripper” module, change the interface language and output directory through the “inverted triangle” in the upper-right corner > “Common Settings”.

(2) Load your Blu-ray video from a disc

Similar to the use of MakeMKV, you need to insert your Blu-ray disc to your Blu-ray drive first. But this time, no MakeMKV registration code is asked. Then, click the “+” icon in the center of the interface and load your file.

(3) Choose output format

Click “Profile switcher” on the left and choose your preferred output formats. Superior to MakeMKV, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper supports more video formats including AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, TS and WMV. Without the disturbance of MakeMKV key generator, DVDFab Blu-ray keeps your journey pleasant.

MakeMKV Alternative
Set output directory for DVD/Blu-ray videos

(4) Set output directory

At the bottom of the interface, there is an option of “Save to”. Here, click a preferred folder or a social platform like YouTube to save and share your Blu-ray video. Then, click the button of “Start”. This is the end of how to convert Blu-ray videos in a disc to MKV and other formats without a MakeMKV key.


When you find MakeMKV is hard to use, remember that DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper is waiting for you. With the help of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, there is no MakeMKV registration code or MakeMKV key is needed. Free access combined with easy steps makes this MakeMKV alternative stand out.


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