How to Throw a Disney Plus Watch Party

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To produce an invite link, log into Disney Plus and choose a film or television program > GroupWatch icon > plus sign > Copy Link from the movie or television show menu.

You must have a Disney+ account in order to participate in a viewing party.

A GroupWatch party may have a maximum of 7 participants, including the host. A single account may support up to four profiles that can stream concurrently.

This article describes how to arrange and participate in a Disney Plus watch party by using the GroupWatch functionality.

The Best Way to Host a Disney Plus Viewing Party

The next steps will show you how to watch Disney Plus with your friends in a matter of seconds.

GroupWatch will not be available for use if you are using a smart television or a streaming box such as an Apple TV. However, the other person with whom you’re viewing must utilize either a web browser or a mobile application to begin the GroupWatch in order for you to join.

Log in to Disney Plus on the device that you want to use. If you’re using a web browser, go to the Disney+ website to begin.

Choose a film or television program that you want to see with your friends and family and make a reservation.

Select the little GroupWatch icon (which looks like three amorphous cartoon people) from the drop-down menu.

On the GroupWatch page, click on the Plus symbol next to your profile image to add more information. Your GroupWatch session will be accessible to others via the use of a URL that you’ll be provided with after that.

Select Copy Link and then distribute the link to your friends and relatives in whichever manner you think proper. A GroupWatch party may contain up to 7 guests, including the host, and can last up to 3 hours. When they join your watch party, you’ll see an increase in the group number in the top-right corner of the screen, as well as the opportunity to check who else is in attendance by choosing that number.

Join us for a Disney Plus viewing party and watch together

It is much simpler to attend a GroupWatch party than it is to organize one. Make sure you have a Disney Plus account and, if you’re watching on a mobile device or console, that you have the Disney Plus app downloaded and installed. If you’re using a PC, you may instead utilize the browser to share your GroupWatch experience with your friends and family members.

Choose the link that your watch party host offers you and it should either launch the Disney Plus app or take you to the Disney Plus site in your browser.

When you log in, you should be instantly inserted into the GroupWatch Party discussion. By choosing the viewer symbol in the top-right corner, you may see who else is there.

The Disney+ Watch Party (GroupWatch) and How It Works

As the host, you have the option of inviting up to six more viewers. Disney Plus accounts may have up to four profiles that can all stream simultaneously at the same time.

You’ll all watch the movie or television program at the same time, with the ability to stop, rewind, or repeat it together so that you can better enjoy your favorite parts with one another. You may even use emoticons to communicate with others while you’re watching.

Unlike sharing a Disney Plus account, where you both use the same login information, this is a bit more complicated. You’ll both need your own Disney GroupWatch accounts in order to view the same video together at the same time and to take advantage of all of the extra interactive features available via Disney GroupWatch parties.

Is It Possible to Host a Disney Plus Watch Party?

Even while Disney Plus watch parties are open to everyone, they are not something that everyone can host or participate in. The GroupWatch function is currently only accessible in the United States, and children’s accounts are unable to participate in them at this time.

Multiple persons in the same house or watching to participate in a watch party will need to utilize the same device to do so if they are in the same location. However, unlike Disney Plus events, which have a four-device restriction per Disney Plus account, GroupWatch events only allow one device per Disney Plus account, however you may participate on any compatible laptop, desktop, tablet, phone, or console.

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