How has the amazon prime video logo evolved over the years?

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For all movie and series lovers, Amazon Prime Video has become the preferred site for many users in terms of entertainment. It is on this American movie and series streaming platform where you can find not only original content from Amazon but also from other producers.

It was in the wake of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 that many users became strongly linked to the amazon prime logo. The two-color symbol with the famous Amazon arrow is already in the minds of many.

However, this was not always the case. Over the years since its first appearance in 2006, not only the Prime video logo png has changed but also the name of the platform itself. Join me to learn a little more about the famous Prime video logo.

Evolution of the Amazon Prime video logo png.

Amazon Unbox (2006-2015)

The first Amazon Prime logo basically consisted of two parts of text, in order to separate them the designers not only placed them in different lines, but also used a different font for each one of them.

The phrase “Amazon Unbox” with an arrow with the brand name in the shape of a smile, refers to the name of the company at the time. These words were very close to each other.  On the other hand we have the second phrase, which is “Video Downloads” designed with a sans serif font where orange and black colors predominate.

Amazon Video on Demand Logo (2008-2010)

After the company changes its name, the logo also needs to be renewed. Its shape still remains the same, but its content does not. The designers introduced a new name for the service.

On its upper part was written the phrase “Amazon Video” and on its lower part the word “on demand”. Each word is located separately. In place of the “o” in the word “Amazon” the designers placed a button simulating multimedia playback and the orange color was replaced by green.

Amazon Prime Instant Video Logo ( 2011-2015)

By 2011 the brand received another name change, so another logo was absolutely necessary. This one contained many diverse elements. The first word was written in the same way as the Amazon logo, in black letters and on a white background.

In this case the font still remained the same. As for the characteristic arrow simulating a smile, it went from the letter “a” to the letter “Z” indicating the global nature of Amazon.

A different detail is added, in this case it is the letter “O” which was designed to simulate a play button, but in this case it was a green circle with a gradient and a white triangle in the center.

The bottom phrase “Prime Instant Video” all of these letters except for the “P” were lowercase. The word “Prime” was in bold italics and in the case of the words “Instant Video” they were designed with a much thinner and straighter font.

Amazon Prime Video Logo (2015-2017)

It is until 2015 where the word “Instant” disappears completely from the entertainment service. It was something totally unnecessary since online videos had become a massive phenomenon and much more accessible.

As for the design, the top part still remains the same, only changes are made at the bottom. The designers update the font of the word “Prime Video” by making each of the letters capitalized and making them much more bold. The separation between the two words was really minimal, so everything is perceived to be together.

Amazon Prime Video Logo (Actual)

To give stiff competition to the giant Netflix, Amazon has repositioned Prime Video. Expanding streaming services to many more countries and starting to make inroads into content from the sports world. The platform had finally reached an international level, so a much more modern and fresh brand would be needed.

As part of the new brand identity, “Prime Video” has the same arrow as Amazon. With the difference that while in the Amazon logo the arrow points to the “A” and “Z”, in the case of the amazon prime symbol the arrow starts from the letter “I” to the letter “e” losing its original meaning.

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