3 Ways to Burn MKV to DVD

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Converting MKV to DVD is necessary? And why should we burn MKV to DVD? Storing videos in MKV format can sometimes be tiring. Therefore, converting them into DVD format is an incredible way to watch your favorite movies, music videos, or personal videos. Today, I will introduce you three ways of how to burn MKV files to DVD. These MKV to DVD burners can convert your videos from MKV to DVD format for free. Also, you can use premium software for advanced features.
Many programs are devastated by viruses and ads. It is often seen that many online MKV to DVD converters claims to convert your MKV to DVD contain the Ransomware software that eventually leads to hacking. Once hackers access your laptop or PC, they ask for a ransom in exchange for your files. That is why it is essential to use authentic and certifies converters in the market.


MKV-Matroska Multimedia Container, a video format, has an extension MKV that allows you to watch videos, and it is similar to Mp4. However, it is not a popular medium for watching videos.
Many people prefer the DVD format to watch videos and movies. The option to add subtitles makes it convenient for people who are not familiar with the movie language. There is a difference between the file size of the MKV and DVD too. DVDs are massive in size and often need a hard drive to store data in. There are a lot of programs to help you convert video formats.

3 Ways to Burn MKV to DVD

Below I have listed three MKV to DVD Windows 10 programs.
1. MakeMKV DVD Creator
2. DVDFab DVD Creator
3. HandBrake DVD Creator
So let’s begin with the first software.



MakeMKV, the free software, is available on Windows XP, Mac, and Linux. A Beta version of the software comes with advanced features and is updated every 60 days. The software is free for 30 days, and all you need to do is to update the downloaded version every two months.
The MKV files are smaller than Blu-rays and DVDs, so it requires a hard drive. The best thing about MKV is that it supports VLC players.  Technically, you will confront some problems during using MakeMKV, and you can refer to the MakeMKV key for further information.


  • Download MKV on your PC:
    You can download it here, Make MKV. It is free and is open source, and needs few minutes to download.
  • Run it on your PC:
    Once it is downloaded, run it on your PC. If DVD and Blu-ray files are already stored in the system, it will detect them.
  • Select file
    You can now select the file you wish to convert. Tick the boxes of the files that have the file name mentioned.
  • Select the output source
    Now select the output file in which you wish to see your DVD or Blue-ray. You can use a USB device or a CD, and both work perfectly. Your file will immediately start converting, and it will take a few minutes, so you have to be patient.


burn mkv to dvd

2.DVDFab DVD Creator


As the best MKV to DVD converter and a specialized burn MKV to DVD Windows 10 program, DVDFab DVD Creator allows you to burn your videos. It supports multiple formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, and 3GP. It has a paid version for advanced features that comes with $24.99/month, and it is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. You need a hard drive to convert your MKV files into DVD using DVDFab. Therefore, this application can be regarded as an expert in how to burn an MKV file to DVD.


  • Download DVDFab DVD Creator:
    Download the best free MKV to DVD converter on your PC. It will take a few minutes until it is ready.
  • Run it on your PC
    Once the software is ready, run it on your PC. And select the files that you want to burn using the “creator option” on the window.
  • Customize templates
    You can choose the customize templates available such as birthdays and weddings. Apply it to the desired file.
  • Advanced setting
    Adjust the settings according to your choice. You can adjust volume and video quality. The quality of the content can be increased and decreased.
  • Output source
    Lastly, choose an output source. It can be a portable device such as a USB or CD. Now click on the start button, and you are good to go. On the whole, this application can solve all your problems. Only in this way can you burn MKV to DVD free of charge and efficiently.

mkv to dvd burner



When it comes to how to convert video formats, Handbrake is a popular and easy-to-use DVD converter. It is free and open-source software supported by Windows and Mac, and you can use all the basic and advanced features for free. As for how to burn MKV to DVD HandBrake offers the conversion of multiple formats such as MKV, MP4, etc. It will convert an MKV file to DVD free of charge in minutes, but larger files might take some time. HandBrake works perfectly for a complete beginner who does not have much technical knowledge.


  • Download the software:
    Download the software on your PC. It will take you a few minutes to download and is entirely safe.
  • Run it on your PC
    Once it is downloaded run it on your PC and drag the file you wish to convert by clicking on the “creating a new project” option.
  • Use advanced features
    You can adjust advanced features such as volume and video quality. You can crop and add subtitles to your videos. Blu-ray and DVD files take quite a few minutes to convert.
  • Output source
    Use an output source that you wish to import the DVD file into. You can use a USB and CD as hard drives. And your process of converting will start.

burning mkv to dvd


Now you don’t have to worry about how to burn MKV files to DVD. These MKV to DVD freeware mentioned above will be useful to let you have a better experience. Each MKV to DVD converter free of charge has limited features though, you can choose paid versions to further play these best MKV to DVD burning software. Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the software when using it. Customize your settings, and within few clicks, your DVD file is ready to watch. The DVD and Blu-ray files are massive in size and need to be stored on a portable device. Make sure you have a CD and portable device ready.

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