How to Rip DVD/Blu-ray Discs on MakeMKV Linux

How to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs on MakeMKV on Linux? If you have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray discs in hand and think them a waste of money, it is time to make your pay worthwhile. Maybe you will become the richest holder of classical videos with the help of MakeMKV Linux.

Several days ago, MakeMKV was down but now it is up. During MakeMKV down, you cannot do many things, among which download MakeMKV Linux is included. Now, you can do that again. But, if you are concerned about whether it is safe to use MakeMKV again, you can turn to the best MakeMKV alternative for help: all the BD and UHD singles and bundles are on sale with 50% OFF (Discount Code: 50FORMKV).

MakeMKV Linux is capable of making a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs. Files processed by this DVD and Blu-ray ripper will come out in the format of MKV in high definition. So ripping DVD and Blu-ray discs on MakeMKV Linux is popular among users?

How to make MKV on Linux
Rip DVD and Blu-ray on Linux

How to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs on MakeMKV on Linux? If you have a lot of DVD and Blu-ray discs in hand and think them a waste of money, it is time to make your pay worthwhile. Maybe you will become the richest holder of classical videos with the help of MakeMKV Linux.

MakeMKV Linux is capable of making a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs. Files processed by this DVD and Blu-ray ripper will come out in the format of MKV in high definition. So ripping DVD and Blu-ray discs on MakeMKV Linux is popular among users?

What is MakeMKV on Linux?

Linux is the third system compatible with MakeMKV besides Windows and Mac. As the leader operating system, it is widely used on servers and mainframe computers as well as Top 500 supercomputers. Once it put its competitors in the shade in November 2017 and won about 2.3 percent of desktop users. And most importantly, Linux is second to none in the market of Android smartphone. So, it has gained in popularity in recent years. That’s why we talk about how to rip DVD and Blu-ray discs with the assistance of MakeMKV on Linux.



MakeMKV on Linux
Install MakeMKV on Linux

Linux has three servers with CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian included. They shares the same core but use different packages. CentOS is the community version of RedHat, compatible with RPM package. Ubuntu is said to be the best desktop system. As one of the best free and open-source software collaboration, Linux has dynamic source code commercially and non-commercially. Subsequently, let’s get down to how to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs on MakeMKV Ubuntu.

How to Install MakeMKV on Ubuntu?

Here, we are going to start from how to install MakeMKV on Ubuntu, one of the servers of MakeMKV Linux. Similar to installing MakeMKV to Windows or Mac, you are expected to come to the official website of MakeMKV first.

Now, I will show you how to install MakeMKV on Ubuntu 14.04, which is also available on MakeMKV Xubuntu 14.04. Google “MKV” and come to its Home page (

Click “Download” on the left and click “forum page” in the first paragraph. On the new page, copy the code you need and paste it to “Terminal Emulator” which is prepared on your computer in advance. Next, find a destination to store your MakeMKV on Linux Ubuntu server.

Download MakeMKV on Linux
MakeMKV Linux Download

On the forum page, there are two links listed. Download both of them. Then, click the “Download Arrow” in the top right corner > Open “File Manager” > Right-click MakeMKV binary package > Click “Extract Here”. Follow the same steps to open extract MakeMKV oss package. You are close to the successful installation of MakeMKV on Linux.

Open “MakeMKV oss package” > Click “File” and “Open Terminal Here” > Copy the first link on the “forum page” to the “Terminal” panel. Now, turn the spotlight on the MakeMKV Linux command lines. You need to type “sudo make install” listed also on the “forum page” to the end of these MakeMKV Linux command lines. Click “Enter” and close the Terminal window.

Remember there is another downloaded folder? That’s the MakeMKV binary folder. Open this folder from the option of “File Manager”. Open “Terminal” and scroll down to the end. Type “Yes” and “sudo make install” behind one MakeMKV Linux command line. Click “Enter” and Close the Terminal window.

How to Rip DVD/Blu-ray Discs with MakeMKV?

  • Launch MakeMKV on your computer after MakeMKV Linux download
  • Insert a DVD or Blu-ray disc to your drive
  • Tick off the video and audio you want to rip
  • Decide where to save your converted file (Output folder)
  • Click ‘MakeMKV”and start the conversion

Note: MakeMKV beta is available within 30 days. After that, you need to find the MakeMKV Linux registration key to make it work.

Get MakeMKV Launched on Linux
Launch MakeMKV on Linux

MakeMKV Alternative on Linux

Till now, we have found the solution to how to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs on MakeMKV Linux Ubuntu? Is there any MakeMKV alternative besides on Linux? Yes! DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper are also good at ripping DVD and Blu-ray discs. Both of them are compatible with Windows and Mac and free to use.

Although Linux has so many followers, Windows and Mac also have their dominant markets. Now, let’s learn about how to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs on Windows with DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper, instead of doing that on MakeMKV Linux.

MakeMKV Alternative
Rip DVD/Blu-ray Discs on Windows/Mac

Steps on how to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs with MakeMKV alternative:

  • Download and install DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper on your Windows
  • Start the free software after installation
  • Insert your DVD or Blu-ray disc to your drive
  • Click the module of “Ripper”and load your file
  • Click the option of “Profile Switcher”and select your preferred output format
  • Set the destination for your ripping files
  • Click “Start”to begin the conversion from DVD/Blu-ray discs to videos of any format

Note: Supported output formats of DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper include “AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, TS, VOB and WMV”. If you are not content with MKV output format with MakeMKV on Linux, ask for DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper, the MakeMKV Linux alternative, for help.

MakeMKV alternative - DVDFab
The Best MakeMKV Alternative – DVDFab


As time goes by, there are increasingly advanced and convenient ways to enjoy movies. For example, one can watch Fast and Furious 9 on your PC instead of going to a cinema; listen to My Heart Will Go On with smartphone instead of playing back Titanic with a DVD drive; present Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse on TV to children, even if old a cartoon disc is not available. Does this mean that DVD and Blu-ray discs will be replaced by streaming videos? Of course not.

You are able to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs that you have legally purchased. Download MakeMKV on Linux and convert these disc videos to MKV files. Or, install DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper on Windows or Mac, letting this MakeMKV alternative besides Linux rip your DVD and Blu-ray discs.

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Free MakeMKV Alternatives Review 2021
Use MakeMKV on Mac to Rip Blu rays
MakeMKV Download User Guide

MakeMKV Download User Guide

MakeMKV download page disappeared from Google for copyright last year!!!  And recently, MakeMKV site has been down for several days with only a Russian website. Do you know the reasons for MakeMKV down and up. So will you download MakeMKV to get rid of tons of DVD and Blu-ray discs and have them online? What else hardware and software will you use to burn and upload files to a service like Google Play especially when MakeMKV is unable to decrypt and rip UHD? DVDFab BD and UHD software is on sale with 50% OFF price by the end of May 1st (Discount Code:50FORMKV).

Today, this article aims to provide an authoritative MakeMKV download guide for users who still supports this software, and recommends a safer alternative to MakeMKV as well.

Breaking News: Google Removes MakeMKV Download Page

When asked how to convert Blu-ray or DVD to digital format, many people will recommend MakeMKV ripper. But recently, the download page of MakeMKV has been removed by Google, since MakeMKV’s support on AACS and BD+ decryption violates American copyright. So is MakeMKV legal or is it still safe to use? Probably not. But I believe there must be lots of people who stick to MakeMKV.

Therefore, what matters now is to provide instruction for MakeMKV download supporters who still regard MakeMKV Blu-ray ripper best. And on the other hand, it is time to find a way out, in case MakeMKV isn’t allowed for DVD to MKV conversion in a near future. Here, I will start from such two aspects to give you the best navigation and recommendation.

MakeMKV Download User

(1) How to Rip DVD/Blu-ray/ISO/HD DVD with MakeMKV

As a simple-to-use DVD ripping software, MakeMKV handles Blu-ray, ISO, and HD DVD as well.  So no matter what you want to rip to MKV, the steps are similar. Now, let’s take “Rip Blu-ray to MKV” as an example and see how to download MakeMKV for this Blu ray to MKV conversion.

Step 1: Download MakeMKV on Windows/Mac/Linux

There are two versions available for such three operating systems: MakeMKV beta download and MakeMKV full download. For the former choice, you need a beta key to get 30 days MakeMKV free trial. The current beta key is


It is valid till the end of July 2021. After that, you have to find an updated MakeMKV key for MakeMKV free use, and this code updates every two months. Besides the MakeMKV beta download, another choice is to purchase the full activation key if you expect more functions from this MKV maker.

MakeMKV beta Download

Step 2: Insert a Blu ray Disc

After MakeMKV download and installation, insert your Blu ray disc into the optical drive of your computer or an external optical drive. If your movies are stored in a computer’s hard drive, just click the button in the upper-left corner to import them to MakeMKV. Then this powerful MKV maker will detect your drive and display all its contents. At this moment, you are supposed to tick off preferred boxes standing for different audios, subtitles, etc. Of course, you can select them all and get a 100% clone of your Blu-ray disc.

Insert Blu ray Disc

Step 3: Set an Output Directory

Where are you going to save your converted MKV file? Use the option by default under the “output folder” or set a new destination to store your Blu ray movies. Also, you can set this output directory after MakeMKV download in case you forget it.

Where to Save MKV FIle

Step 4: Convert Blu-ray to MKV

Now we come to the last step on how to rip Blu ray to MKV. Just click the option of “Make MKV” and this MKV maker will work hard to rip your Blu-ray files. MKV is the only output format if you download MakeMKV as a DVD or Blu-ray burner. As to how long it will take to convert Blu-ray to MKV, it depends on the duration of your Blu-ray movie.

Rip Blu ray to MKV

Note: Till now, it seems that you have succeeded in ripping Blu-ray to MKV. But another problem ahead is how to play MKV file, considering not all video players are able to decode this format. So you have to download a special player able to make MKV files available.

(2) Make MKV Playable Software Download

Now there are several MakeMKV players recommended, all of which are capable to make your ripped MKV file playable. No matter which one you choose, there is no need to concern “MakeMKV download makes ripped files unavailable”.

DVDFab Player 6 (Win/Mac)

  • Free and no ads
  • Easy and safe to use with no spyware or user tracking
  • Support DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD/4K UHD videos and music
  • Offer the best video and audio quality
  • Support menu navigation, PC and TV mode
  • Download this MKV player from its official website
  • Import your MKV file either in Library or My Computer to this 4K media player
  • Customize its settings or set an MKV video playlist
  • Right-click your video when it’s playing to adjust playback speed, etc.

If you download Make MKV to rip your disc, DVDFab Player 6 is the first choice to play MKV file. Since this best 4K media player is designed to play DVDs, Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, 3D content of all formats, HEVC, 4K videos, music videos, and other media files of all regular formats.

Free Download


The Best MKV Player

As how to play MakeMKV downloaded videos or DVDs/Blu-rays, you can turn to the following posts. They will offer you detailed guide without any hassle.

VLC Media Player (Win/Mac)

  • Have a long history and support low-powered PC
  • Play DVD, audio CDs, and VCDs, etc.
  • An open-source with a user-friendly interface
  • Download this MKV player on its official website, AppStore or Google Play
  • Start it and add your MKV file
  • Click the button of “Play”
VLC Media Player

This MKV player is also recommended to play MKV files after you ask Make MKV download on how to rip Blu ray.

DivX Player (Windows)

  • Free edition but with a few bucks
  • Paid DivX Pro is recommended without no ads
  • Play videos of MPEG ASP, AVC, and HEVC up to 4K
  • Support AVI, MP4, and MKV files on Windows
  • Download this MKV player and click corresponding buttons for play
DivX Player

Compared with DVDFab Player 6 and VLC media player, this software is less advised when you want an MKV player after MakeMKV download.

Other MKV player alternative:

  • 5K Player
  • Media Player Classic
  • GOM Media Player
  • KMPlayer
  • PotPlayer
  • Plex Media Player
  • MPlayer
  • Kodi
  • PowerDVD
  • BlazeDVD
  • Leawo Player
  • Windows DVD Player
  • Pot Player
  • Real Player

(3)Make MKV Transferable Software Download

Till now, we have fixed the problem of how to download MakeMKV. And we also know how to play MKV files on Windows and Mac instead of iTunes or other mobile devices. But what if you desire to watch the MKV file on iTunes after download MakeMKV as DVD ripping software? You’d better convert MKV to MP4 or any other formats compatible with your portable equipment. Now, there are some good MKV converters helping you realize this transfer.

DVDFab Video Converter (Free, Win/Mac)

As you can see, there are so many video formats DVDFab supports. So if you download this best free video converter, you can convert MKV to any formats among AVI, FLV, M3TS, MP4, TS, and WMV. And transfer your MKV files to any device after MakeMKV download for Blu-ray to MKV conversion. In addition to the “Format” option, there are also options for presets. Most importantly, the “Enlarger AI” option is a video quality enhancer helping to change video resolution.

MKV to MP4 Converter
Free Download

Steps on How to Use DVDFab Video Converter:

  • Download and install this MKV to MP4 converter
  • Start this freeware and click the module of “Converter” on the top
  • Load your MKV file and customize it using the option“Video Edit”
  • Click the “Profile Switcher”> “Format” and choose your wanted output video format
  • Set an output folder: mobile device, computer, and YouTube
  • Start converting MKV to MP4 or other formats flawlessly

DVDFab Video Converter does a good job in turning the MKV file available on mobile devices. If you are a MakeMKV download user, there is a belief that this software is of great help. Besides, if you are looking for the best free VOB converter, this might be your top pritority.

HandBrake (Free, Win/Mac/Linux)

HandBrake has strong compatibility with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. But if you download MakeMKV and this video converter, your MKV file can only be converted to MP4 format.

Steps on How to Use HandBrake:

  • Download this MKV converter and launch it
  • Click the “Open Source” option to load your MKV video
  • Set an output directory under “Destination”
  • Start MKV to MP4 conversion
HandBrake Video Converter

UniConverter (Free, Windows)

This is the third video converter you can use to transfer MKV to iPhone or other portable devices after you download MakeMKV as DVD ripping software. But with a free version, UniConverter will leave a watermark on your MKV file. Do you mind it? Except for the watermark, it does a good job in video conversion and can convert MKV to many digital formats you like.

Steps on how to use UniConverter:

  • Download this software and use the “Converter” tool
  • Input your MKV file to this MKV converter
  • Select the output video format you want
  • Click the button of “Converter”

It is a huge project if you choose MakeMKV download to learn how to rip DVD and Blu-ray, isn’t it? If you convert them to other digital formats like MP4, there is no need to find a special MKV player or an MKV to MP4 converter. So have you changed your mind to ask MakeMKV alternative for help? If so, let’s learn how to rip Blu-ray to MP4/MKV/AVI/MOV, etc, with just one click.

MakeMKV Alternative Download User

Now, I will introduce other powerful DVD and Blu-ray rippers to you, helping you save movies stored in DVD and Blu-ray discs to your computer or upload them to YouTube. You can download MakeMKV alternative that drives you crazy.

DVDFab DVD Ripper
How to rip DVD movies

(1) DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (Free, Win/Mac)

  • Decrypt: AACS, BD+, BD-Live, UOPs, CCL, Cinavia, BD-J, MKB, etc. with the help of DVDFab Passkey for DVD/Blu-ray
  • Back up a movie for safekeeping
  • Speed: 10x faster
  • Quality: lossless
  • Built-in video editor available
  • Convert Blu-ray to AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, TS, WMV
  • Enjoy Blu-ray movies on computer, mobile device, and any media player
  • How to Use: Download MakeMKV alternative on Windows or Mac – Select the module of “Ripper” on the top – Load your Blu-ray disc or Blu-ray folder/ISO image – Click the “Profile Switcher” and choose a preferred output video format – Choose the titles, audio tracks and subtitles you want to keep in the output video – Set the video and audio parameters in “Advanced Settings” (optional) – Customize the output video using “Video Edit” (optional) – Set an output directory at the bottom – Start to convert Blu-ray to digital files.
Free Download
DVDFab DVD Ripper, MakeMKV Alternative
DVDFab DVD Ripper

For listed software after DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, you can follow the same steps to download MakeMKV alternative – Load Blu-ray files – choose output format – preview the video effect – rip Blu-ray movie to the video format both you like and a ripper supports.

(2) Leawo Blu-ray Ripper (Windows)

  • Rip Blu-ray disc of all regions
  • Rip Blu-ray from all movie studios
  • Decrypt AACS, BD+, MKB protection, and CSS-DVD disc
  • Convert Blu-ray movies to MP4, MKV, AVI, RMVB, MPEG
  • Allow you to customize video
  • Able to decrypt encrypted Blu-ray
  • User-friendly interface
  • Empowered By advanced disc protection removal technology
Leawo Blu-ray Ripper

(3) Tipard Blu-ray Ripper (Win/Mac)

If you are fond of this MakeMKV alternative download it to decrypt region code in your disc.

  • Able to rip Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray Folder, Blu-ray ISO image
  • Speed: 6X faster
  • Accept Blu-ray disc/Folder/ISO image
  • Rip Blu-ray to MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV formats
  • Quality: keep the original video and audio effect
  • Decrypt: AACS, BD+, BDMV, BDAV, MKB
  • Enable you to convert Blu-ray from Region A, B, C and rip DVD from Region 0-6
Tipard Blu-ray Ripper

(4) Pavtube Bytecopy (Windows)

If you choose this MakeMKV alternative download, you can get the services below.

  • Convert both DVD and BD files to MKV, MP4, MOV
  • Enable you to watch movies on iPad, iPhone, and tablets
  • Decrypt region code effortlessly
  • Display resolution: 1024×768
  • Lossless output
  • Accept DVD/BD disc, folder, and IFO/ISO image file
  • Shut download computer after conversion
Pavtube Bytecopy

(5) Magic DVD Ripper (Windows)

  • Convert both standard Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray videos
  • Output SD and HD video in formats of MKV, ABI, WMV, TS
  • Preserve 3D effect for 3D Blu-ray movie
  • You need TO install AnyDVD HD in advance to decrypt Blu-ray protections
  • Not very easy to use with some bugs

Do you want this alternative instead of the MakeMKV download? At least you have ABI, WMV, TS as output video format instead of MKV.

Magic DVD Ripper

Other MakeMKV Ripper Alternatives

Apart from the Blu-ray and DVD ripping software I have mentioned above, other rippers also help to rip DVD or Blu-ray files. So you can download MakeMKV alternative I am going to add below based on your needs.

  • Format Factory (Free, Windows)
  • DVD Shrink (Free, Windows 9x/2000/XP)
  • BDlot DVD ISO Master (Windows)
  • Cisdem Video Converter (Paid, Mac)
  • VideoSolo DVD Ripper (Paid, Win/Mac)
  • Aimersoft DVD Ripper (Paid, Win/Mac)
  • WonderFox DVD Ripper (Paid, Windows)
  • UFUSoft Blu ray Toolkit (Paid, Windows)
  • Xilisoft Blu-ray to DVD Converter (Paid, Win/Mac)
  • VSO Blu-ray to DVD (Free, Windows)
  • MacX DVD Ripper Pro (Free, Mac)
  • Open DVD Ripper (Free, Win/Mac)
  • iFunia DVD Ripper (Free, Mac)


Now, have you decided to use which DVD or Blu-ray ripper to rip your DVD or Blu-ray files? Facing the elimination of the MakeMKV download page from Google, if you think it is still potential to be used, do what you want with this Blu-ray and DVD ripping software. If you opt for an alternative of MakeMKV download, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, DVDFab UHD Ripper as well as DVDFab DVD Ripper are well-prepared to serve you.

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Use MakeMKV on Mac to Rip Blu rays

Is there any trouble in Blu-ray rip with MakeMKV when its website is down? Now, MakeMKV up,  but who knows when it will down again? To copy and decrypt BD and UHD safely without any limits, don’t miss the promotion of a MakeMKV alternative: 50% OFF for all BD and UHD singles and bundles by the end of May 1st (Discount Code: 50FORMKV).

If you want to use MakeMKV to rip Blu ray on Mac, download MakeMKV first. Then remove the copy protection embedded in your Blu-ray files. Insert your Blu ray disc for MakeMKV to analyze it. Follow the navigation MakeMKV provides and convert Blu ray to MKV format. Continue to read and I will provide more details about how to use MakeMKV on Mac to Rip Blu ray in this article.

How MakeMKV on Mac Works

As an MKV DVD and Blu ray ripper, MakeMKV on Mac is responsible to decode, encode your DVDs or Blu rays, and output them in the format of MKV. This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, able to eradicate copy protections except for Cinavia.

Download MakeMKV on Mac

Now, we come to how to download MakeMKV on Mac ( Before doing that, you should be clear that MakeMKV has two versions: MakeMKV beta and MakeMKV paid. Now, the MakeMKV beta for Mac OS X has updated to the version 1.14.7. No money will be charged if you choose MakeMKV beta. But, you have to pay $50 for the version of MakeMKV Full on Mac. Make a decision based on your needs. During this process, if you fail to find a MakeMKV beta key, refer to another article.

Note: The current MakeMKV beta key valid until July 2021:


How to Rip Blu ray on Mac

How to Use MakeMKV on Mac

After installing MakeMKV on Mac, let’s learn how to use it. In order to make your Blu rays ripping process smoothly, there is something you need to prepare.

(1) Things needed before Operating MakeMKV on Mac

  • A Blu ray Drive: How MakeMKV on Mac reads your Blu ray disc? You need to import your file to your computer. Considering not all our computers have a drive, you need to prepare such a device in advance. With a Blu ray drive in hand, you cannot just input your Blu ray disc, but your DVD disc.
  • 60GB Hard Disk: Although Blu-ray video is good for looking, it really accounts for much space, approximately 20-50 GB. So, preparing a bigger hard disk which will make your Blu-ray disc well ripped by MakeMKV on Mac.

If you choose other MakeMKV alternatives, a Blu-ray drive and a big hard disk are both required.

Rip Blu-ray to MKV with MakeMKV on Mac:

  • Insert your Blu ray disc into your drive
  • Start MakeMKV and load the Blu ray file
  • Select the “Title” you desire to rip
  • Set the Output Folder
  • Click the “Make MKV” button and start Blu ray ripping

Weakness of Ripping Blu-rays with MakeMKV on Mac

Despite MakeMKV on Mac is easy to use, there is some weakness when you choose this software. First, you can convert your Blu-ray disc only to MKV format with MakeMKV on Mac. Such MKV files may be unable to play back on certain devices. Second, it is a long journey to rip Blu rays with MakeMKV on Mac, due to its low speed. So, you have to be patient if you have no other choices.

Features of MakeMKV Alternative on Mac

Luckily, there are some MakeMKV alternatives on Mac to compensate for the weakness of MakeMKV on Mac. You can ask these Blu-ray rippers for help in pursuit of diversified output video/audio formats and high speed. Now, I will brief you on the features of one of the Blu-ray rippers featuring DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper. It accepts both single Blu-ray ripping and batches Blu ray ripping.

Free Download
DVDFab DVD Ripper – Video Enhancer

(1) AI for Video Enhancement

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper is the top alternative of MakeMKV on Mac. With the assistance of AI technology, this free software helps you enhance your video quality largely by 300% up to 4K level. So, don’t worry that your Blu-ray disc is old. DVDFab is skillful at upscaling your video images automatically after receiving your order of “Enlarger AI”.

Till now, the function of “Enlarger AI” not just exists in DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, DVDFab DVD Ripper, and Copy as well as DVDFab Video Converter also has the same capability.

(2) Video Editor for Customization

With 4K video quality as support, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, a free alternative of MakeMKV on Mac also enables users to customize their videos at will. Would you like to set the Frame, Rate, Encoding Method, Bit Rate, Output Size, and others of your video or audio? Go through “Advanced Settings”. Then, the “Video Edit” option is more powerful. It allows users to add Text, Music, Image, Subtitle to your video, change your video properties, and Trim/Merge it. For more information on this video editor, welcome to explore the main interface of this alternative of MakeMKV on Mac.

Free Download
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, MakeMKV Alternative
Customize Video with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

(3) Cinavia Removal for Copy Protection

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, the alternative of MakeMKV on Mac, is the only solution to get rid of the Cinavia protection, the most strong protection embedded in a disc. That is not a single battle, but a collaboration with DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal. Free download it and it will work with MakeMKV alternative to rip your Blu-rays easily.

(4) Diversified Output Formats

To meet users’ demands, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, a competitive alternative of MakeMKV on Mac provides more output formats than MakeMKV. There are MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLAC, MPEG, M2TS, VOB, TS, etc, while there is only MKV for MakeMKV.

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
Free MakeMKV Alternative – DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
Free Download

(5) Fast Ripping Speed

Choosing this alternative of MakeMKV on Mac to rip Blu-rays, the top advantage is fast speed empowered by HDR acceleration. Once you insert your Blu-ray disc into your drive, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper will work fast to display the main information of your Blu-ray video. Even a beginner is skillful at using it.

To use DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, you need to download and install this alternative of MakeMKV on Mac first. Then, start it and choose the module of “Ripper”. Load your Blu-ray disc and choose the output format. You can customize it and enhance the video quality based on your preference. After all things finished, set the output destination and click “Start”.

Besides DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, other alternatives of MakeMKV on Mac also works. Namely, Aurora, VLC Player, WonderFox DVD Ripper, and Open DVD Ripper. You can choose any of them to rip your Blu-ray files.


Have you got the hang of “use MakeMKV on Mac”? If you are not content with only MKV format, you can turn to alternatives of MakeMKV on Mac for help. Remember to choose a good Blu-ray ripper based on its ability to enhance video quality, customize the video, remove copy protection, and process your files.

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Free MakeMKV Alternatives Review 2021

What is the best alternative to MakeMKV? DVDFab DVD Ripper, HandBrake, VLC Player, UniConverter, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, Pavtube Bytecopy, Leawo DVD Ripper, or other free DVD ripping software? Here, I have listed some of the best MakeMKV alternatives you may be fond of. Learn how to use them and make a decision.

Note: DVDFab is on sale with 50% OFF for all the BD and UHD singles and Bundles. Just get them with this discount code (50FORMKV) by the end of May 1st. Don’t let MakeMKV down affects you.

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper, the first MakeMKV alternative freeware in this MakeMKV review, is used to rip DVD disc/folder/ISO files. If you have other Blu-ray and 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray movies to rip, there are DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper and DVDFab UHD Ripper of great help.

Compatible with Windows and Mac, DVDFab DVD Ripper helps you convert your DVD disc/folder/ISO files to MP4, MKV, AVI, WMA, MP3, WAV, and other mainstream video or audio formats. Do you have any requirements for the output preset? Just select a proper one from Apple to LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, PVP, Samsung, Sony, 3D Device, Amazon, Huawei, Barnes&Noble, Box, Google, HTC, etc.

Empowered by artificial intelligence, you are enabled to upscale your video by 300%. With a video editor equipped, how wonderful this MakeMKV alternative is!

Free Download
Choose Other Profile
DVDFab DVD Ripper

How to Rip DVDs to MP4 on iPhone 11 with DVDFab DVD Ripper (MakeMKV Alternative):

After getting DVDFab DVD Ripper launched on your Windows or Mac,

  1. Choose the “Ripper” module.
  2. Insert a DVD disc or find a DVD file on your computer.
  3. Select the option of “Choose Other Profile” choose “MP4″ video format and set the “Device” option as iPhone 11
  4. Select which title to rip, edit the video and upscale it with Enlarger AI function (optional)
  5. Set an output directory like Mobile Device and YouTube
  6. Start to rip DVD
DVDFab DVD Ripper
Free MakeMKV Alternative – DVDFab DVD Ripper

HandBrake (MakeMKV Alternative)

Handbrake DVD ripper, THE second free alternative to MakeMKV, is an open-source video transcoder. No matter MakeMKV or HandBrake, they both work on Windows, macOS, and Linux. However, MakeMKV only supports DVD to MKV conversion.

Here, the Handbrake DVD ripper supports two output formatsMP4 and MKV. HandBrake has no video editor and only encodes H.265 videos, H.264, MPEG -2/4, etc. If your DVD or Blu-ray videos are protected, I’m sorry that this MakeMKV alternative is unable to decrypt DVD protections. As for the time spent in converting DVD to MP4 or MKV, the larger your file is, the longer HandBrake will work to process it. If you are a beginner at DVD ripping, HandBrake is not fit for you since it’s not easy to use.

HandBrake (Beginner not suggested)
Free or PaidAn open-source video transcoder
InputDiscs without being protected
OutputMKV & MP4
EncodeH.265, H.264, MPEG -2/4, VP8, VP9 and Theora
SpeedDepends on your video length
User InterfaceComplicated to use

How to Rip DVDs to MKV using HandBrake:

Now, HandBrake has been launched on your machine.

  1. Click “File” under “Source Selection” to load a DVD file or drop a file or folder
  2. Go to “Title” > hit the drop-down box > select one you want
  3. Scroll down “Add to Queue” and click “Add Selection” > choose your preferred title movie
  4. Choose one preset on the right like Apple
  5. Go to the Video tab, setting the Frame Rate the same as the Source (Constant)
  6. Decide where to save your file at the bottom
  7. Choose the output format as MKV
  8. Preview the video and start to convert DVD to MKV
How to rip DVDs with HandBrake
MakeMKV Alternative – HandBrake – MKV & MP4

VLC Player (MakeMKV Alternative)

VLC Player also works on Windows, Mac, Linux. Different from other free MakeMKV alternatives, it is more than a DVD ripper, and also a media player. VLC Player supports multiple video and audio formats, like MKV, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLAC, OGG, and MP3. You can play videos encoded by H.264, H.265, and DivX on iPad and other devices you like.

VLC Player
FunctionDVD Ripper & Media Player
InputDVD disc/folder/ISO files
MKV, MP4, MPEG, WMV, FLAC, OGG, and MP3, encoded by H.264 and H.265
User InterfaceEasy to use

How to rip DVDs to MPEG format with VLC Player:

It is time to get this VLC Player downloaded.

  1. Tap “Media” in the toolbar and select “Convert/Save
  2. Tap “Disc” and “DVD” options
  3. Tick off “No disc menus” if you don’t want it
  4. Choose the “Title” you like
  5. Scroll down to the “Settings” – “Convert” section and choose ”MPEG
  6. Set the option of “Destination File” by clicking “Browse
  7. Start to rip DVD to digital formats
How to rip DVDs with VLC Player
MakeMKV Alternative – VLC Player

UniConverter (MakeMKV Alternative)

UniConverter is limited in functions as a free trial. For a full version, you need to pay $124.95 and activate it with a registration code. As a free MakeMKV alternative, UniConverter is able to convert DVD disc, DVD folder and ISO files to your favorite portable video/audio formats.

CompatibilityWindows and Mac
Free VersionLimitations
Full Version$124.95
InputDVD disc, DVD folder and ISO files
Video Editing ToolNo watermark unless paid
User Interface
Easy to use

How to Rip DVDs to MOV with UniConverter:

Has UniConverter been launched on your Windows or Mac?

  1. Select the module of “Converter” in the toolbar
  2. Insert your DVD disc and load your DVD file
  3. Trim it with the edit tool under the video cover (optional)
  4. Choose the output format
  5. Set the destination for the converted DVD
  6. Start to convert DVD
How to rip DVDs with UniConverter
MakeMKV Altternative – UniConverter

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro (MakeMKV Alternative)

The last free MakeMKV alternative I am going to introduce is WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. It is only compatible with Windows OS, and there is no multilingual user interface. Similar to other MakeMKV alternatives, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro accepts DVD Disc, ISO Image, and DVD Folder. If you want to rip DVDs to multiple formats do it in a paid version.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro
CompatibilityWindows 10/8/7
InputDVD disc/ISO Image/ISO Folder
DeviceSmartphones, Tablets, Desktops, computers
QualityLossless ripping
User InterfaceEasy to use

How to Rip DVDs to WMV with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro:

Before using WonderFox DVD, download and install it.

  1. Insert your DVD disc and load it
  2. Select an output format like “WMV”
  3. Hit “Run” to get your ripped DVD
How to rip DVDs wth WonderGox DVD Ripper Pro
MakeMKV Alternative – UniConverter

Other DVD/Blur-ray/UHD Rippers of MakeMKV Alternative

Besides the above free MakeMKV alternatives, there are other DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Rippers.

  • DVD Blu-ray Ripper
  • DVDFab UHD Ripper
  • Aurora
  • Open DVD Ripper
  • DVD Cutter
  • CladDVD.NET,
  • A-ray Scanner
  • DVD-Cloner
  • Nero Recode
  • AnyDVD
  • ConvertXtoDVD

For more free MakeMKV alternatives, please refer to the article of Rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs Free. You will find 25 free and good DVD/Blu-ray/UHD rippers there.


What do you think of these free MakeMKV alternatives in this MakeMKV review? Make a decision from DVDFab DVD Ripper, HandBrake, VLC Player, UniConverter to WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. They are all good DVD ripping software available to help your rip DVD disc/folder/ISO files. Prepare a Blu-ray ripper and start your DVD ripping journey following the instructions above.

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MakeMKV Down and Up: The Secrets Behind

MakeMKV is Down

It has been a disaster for MakeMKV users when the MakeMKV site is down. Let’s track the reasons for the MakeMKV crash and find the best solution to it. Without the help of MakeMKV, you can still copy and decrypt UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD files without the risk of breaking the law.

What happened to MakeMKV’s website?

Is MakeMKV down or moved by Google? How long has MakeMKV been down? It has been 5 days or so that the MakeMKV website appeared like this, with only a Russian website left. Why? Here are the potential reasons for your reference.

What happended to MakeMKV
MakeMKV down
  • MakeMKV, the Russian hosting company, fails to pay the webhost. The owners need to pay for the domain to renew it.
  • MakeMKV is shut down by some Russian government agency.
  • The hosting was canceled.
  • There may be something wrong with the health, money, or living situation of the developer.
  • Legal troubles. It is uncertain whether the decryption of UHD files obeys the law. But last year, decrypting AACS did cause the MakeMKV website trouble. If you are worried about the legality of MakeMKV, try DVDFab to copy protected UHD, BD, and DVDs safely. This free-trial software helps you back up files easily and fast.

Now, DVDFabBlu-ray and UHD singles and bundles are on sale with 50% Off by the end of  May 1st with the discount code: 50FORMKV. Would you like to catch the promotion?

DVDFab Windows DVDFab Mac

What is the influence of MakeMKV down?

Although MakeMKV recovers from the shocking Russian page on April 26th or maybe earlier 25th night.  the functionality of MakeMKV has been influenced by this website crash.

Here, see what you can do and what you cannot with MakeMKV site down? Each time MakeMKV is forbidden for any of the potential reasons, such things will happen, So nip in the bud.

MakeMKV Down
Download MakeMKV

You can do:

When there is something wrong with the MakeMKV site, you can still download the software in PC and Mac versions, but Linux is hardly accessed.  Considering the MakeMKV forum still works, let’s wait for the newest official explanation for the MakeMKV page down there.

MakeMKV download user guide.

You cannot do:

  • MakeMKV email is down as well, so you cannot submit anything.
  • UHD disk keys are not accessible after MakeMKV crashed, so you cannot decrypt copy-protected UHD disks.
  • You cannot purchase MakeMKV as before due to credit card processing problems.
  • MakeMKV Linux is not available even on the web-archive site.

Wait for the information about the MakeMKV update in the MakeMKV Forum.

If you are eager to copy or rip copy-protected Blu-ray and UHD files, don’t miss the 50% Off Flash Sale by the end of  May 1st with the discount code: 50FORMKV.

Why is MakeMKV down?
MakeMKV Forum

The solution to Fix MakeMKV Down

When is MakeMKV up? Before the statement for the MakeMKV site down, just jump from the meditation of this issue and find an effective solution to copy or rip your DVD, Blu-ray, and UHD files.

  • Are there any discs that won’t read or copy for you?
  • Is anyone else able to successfully rip a UHD disk?
  • How to make a backup of tools made for Dolby Vision profile conversions?

DVDFab, the best MakeMKV alternative, enables you to do whatever you want as you use MakeMKV. For example, you can copy DVD to computer, rip Blu ray to MKV, decrypt UHD and back up it. Most importantly, all the programs in DVDFab 12 related to UHD and BD are 50% off. Why not snap up bargains with the discount code: 50FORMKV? Don’t let the promotion slip through your fingers by the end of May 1st, 2021.

MakeMKV Alternative

How to Copy and Decrypt UHD Files in Highest Quality

Decrypt Copy Rip Blu ray Legally and Free 2021

Top 10 Methods to Rip & Copy DVD to Computer


DVDFab Blundle 50% Off on Sale
50% Off in Price

Other FAQs about MakeMKV

Does anyone have the key for April? The current free beta key is:
(valid until the end of May 2021)

What If MakeMKV Beta Key Is Not Found?

Many people choose MakeMKV beta download as the best DVD ripping software or get a lifetime key to support MakeMKV. But MakeMKV beta key often changes which makes the code hard to be found. What if this happens – You cannot find the valid MakeMKV beta key to copy or rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. formats? Find a MakeMKV alternative to reach your goal.

Note: While you are ripping DVDs/Blu rays/UHDs ranging from a disc to a folder or an ISO file to your PC or iPad, It is inevitable to encounter copyright protection. See the common ways to encrypt a file.

  • Common DVD encryption: RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, etc. Try to explore the meaning of each DVD copy protection from the link here.
  • Common Blu-ray encryption: the newest 15th generation BD+ and 3D BD+, AACS MKB v 26, and AACS bus encryption, Region Code, BD-Live, and UOPs for Blu-ray.
  • Cinavia is also strong encryption embedded in both DVD and Blu-ray, you can decrypt files with Cinavia with Cinavia Removal software.  OF course, you can also decrypt UHD Cinavia copy protection.

AACS encryption, BD+ protection, and Cinavia protection are increasingly powerful to stop your backup of a movie by destroying the videos or audios in it. So, finding a good solution to this problem is of great importance. MakeMKV DVD ripping software can only decrypt the first two protections only. And it is punished for the decryption of such two copy protections last year. On the contrary, using DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ripper, Blu-ray Creator to back up files is legal and safe.

How to Rip DVDs on Windows without MakeMKV Beta Key

How to rip DVDs on Windows or Mac? There are 11 free DVD rippers recommended without the need to find a beta key. Basically, they are similar in use method but distinct in features. Now, I want to choose one of the 11 free DVD rippers to illustrate how to rip a DVD.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is a good DVD ripper on Windows 10/8/7. It has such features meriting your attention.

Rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs with or without MakeMKV Beta Key
Rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs Free
  • Free version: limited in functions; only accepts a video without protection no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Paid version: $39.9/year, accepts homemade and protected DVDs
  • Speed: GPU acceleration
  • Input:  DVD folder/ISO files
  • Decrypt: 99-title DVD
  • Output: MP4 (H.265/HEVC), AVI, WMV, FLV, WOV, MPEG, MP3
  • Quality: lossless DVD ripping
  • Preset profiles: HDTV, PC, Mac, NAS, iPhone/Android/iPad/USB/Hard Drive/Xbox/PSP

Note: Do you know 99-title DVDs? This kind of disc is displayed with 99 titles so that you are unable to know which title to rip. But, Winx DVD Ripper Platinum can distinguish the target, so can DVDFab DVD Ripper.

Instructions on Free DVD Ripping with Winx DVD Ripper Platinum on Windows:

  • Get Winx DVD Ripper Platinum launched on your Windows
  • Load your DVD file to this DVD ripper
  • Wait for your main DVD to be selected automatically
  • Choose the output format in “Output Profile”
  • Set the output directory
  • Click “Run” to start DVD ripping
Free DVD Ripper Alternatives on Windows
DVDFab DVD RipperMagic DVD Ripper
iSkysoft Video Converter UltimateFreemake Video Converter
WonderFox DVD Ripper ProDVD Shrink (1MB file input)
CloneDVDBDlot DVD ISO Master
Leawo DVD RipperAimersoft DVD Ripper

How to Rip Blu-rays on Linux without MakeMKV Beta Key

How to rip Blu-rays on Linux? Software to work on the Linux system is able to count. Among the few Linux rippers, MakeMKV is a good Blu-ray ripper. It is compatible with Windows and Mac as well. But, it is weak to process DVD and Blu-ray files, especially when your Blu-ray files are much too big. Here is a brief introduction to the MakeMKV Blu-ray ripping software.

Note: The beta key valid until July 2021:


Rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs (MakeMKV Beta Key IS Here)
How to Rip Blu-rays on Linux Free with MakeMKV Beta
  • Free version (MakeMKV beta key): limited functions; update MakeMKV beta key every 2 months
  • Paid version: $50/Year, accessible to protected DVDs with AACS encryption and BD+ protection, but was punished for this last year
  • Speed: low (with or without MakeMKV beta code)
  • Input: DVD/Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO files
  • Output: MKV (with MakeMKV beta key or not)
  • Quality: lossless Blu-ray ripping

The current free beta key is (valid until the end of May 2021):

Instructions on Free Blu-ray Ripping with MakeMKV on Linux:

  • Go to the MakeMKV beta forum page
  • Download two links on the MakeMKV beta page
  • Paste MakeMKV beta code to “Terminal Emulator” window
  • Decompress the two packages you have downloaded
  • Open each of them in order and paste the MakeMKV beta code to the command line page in Terminal
  • Start MakeMKV beta and insert your Blu-ray movie
  • Select the videos and audios you want
  • Set the output folder and click “Make MKV”

This is the end of how to rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs with the MakeMKV beta key on Linux.

Free Blu-ray Ripper Alternatives on Linux or Mac or Windows
DVDFab Blu-ray RipperMac
VLC PlayerMac
WonderFox DVD RipperMac
Open DVD RipperMac
VLC PlayerLinux
DVD Cutter (2.5MB file input)Windows
A-ray ScannerWindows
Nero RecodeWindows

How to Rip UHDs on Mac without MakeMKV Beta Key

4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies have so many followers nowadays. Would you like to stream such videos from a disc to hot social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and others? Now, there is a good assistant helping you do that – DVDFab UHD Ripper, without the need to find a MakeMKV beta key sort of thing.

DVDFab UHD Ripper compatible with Mac and Windows is the best free UHD ripper. It is easy for this UHD ripping tool to smash the protection on any file. And the decryption is absolutely automatic.  With fast speed and lossless burning, DVDFab UHD Ripper offers you a better ripping experience from disc movie to portable video than MakeMKV. What is followed are the main features of this UHD ripping software.

DVDFab UHD Ripper
Decrypt and Copy UHD
  • Free version: 30 days trial; not a key like MakeMKV beta key
  • Paid version: $69/year; smash AACS encryption, BD+ protection to Cinavia protection
  • Speed: fast with 4K hardware acceleration (MakeMKV beta key doesn’t have)
  • Input: encrypted/region-locked/unplayable 4K Ultra HD disc, ISO file and folder
  • Output:
  • (Video) MKV, M2TS, and MP4 videos with or without HDR10/Dolby Vision contents
  • (Audio) AAC 7.1, OGG 7.1, PCM 7.1, DTS 7.1, WMA10 7.1, E-AC-3 5.1, etc.
  • Quality: lossless 4K UHD ripping
  • Preset profiles: Huawei, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, PVP, Samsung, Sony, 3D Device, Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Box, Google, HTC, etc.
Free Download
Select UHD chapter, audio, subtitle
DVDFab UHD Ripper

Instructions on Free UHD Ripping with DVDFab UHD Ripper on Mac:

  • Get DVDFab UHD Ripper launched on your Mac
  • Choose the module of “Ripper” on the top
  • Load your 4K UHD source through the “+” icon
  • Click the option of “Choose Other Profile” and choose your favorite  video/audio/preset formats
  • Select the movie title you want to rip
  • Edit your video by clicking “Advanced Settings” and “Video Edit”
  • Set the output directory for your UHD ripping file
  • Hit the button of “Start” and find it through “Task Queue”
How to decrypt UHD
Rip UHD to MP4

Free 4K UHD Ripper Alternatives on Mac
Leawo UHD 4K Blu-ray RipperMakeMKV (beta key)

Comparison and Contrast of Various Rippers

Considering there are so many rippers able to rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs with MakeMKV included, you may be dazzled by their rich features. To help you make a quick and right decision, I will compare and contrast them from such aspects.

Aspects to compareWinner
Speed (hard acceleration)DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray/UHD ripper
Output file Quality (lossless)DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper, MakeMKV
Enhance video resolutionDVDFab DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper
Input file format diversityDVDFab DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper;
Winx DVD Ripper Platinum
Output file formats diversityDVDFab DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper

AnyDVD, DVD-Cloner
System compatibility
(Window, Mac, Linux)
MakeMKV (beta key)

Video Edit ToolDVDFab DVD/Blu-ray/UHD Ripper
PriceDVDFab tops in functions
Free versionAll apps in this article

Notes: MakeMKV (beta key) rips DVD and Blu-ray to MKV format of files only. It works slow. So be careful to choose MakeMKV to rip your file if you don’t have enough time.

Decrypter List for You

When it comes to DVD/BD/UHD copy, rip or burn, some software is often asked for whether having the ability to decrypt files. Here, in order to help you clear this barrier, I will list all the programs you may think of and mention their decrypting capabilities.

Remove copy protection
Decrypt Files Easily
  • DVDFab: Decrypt all the DVD, Blu-ray and UHD copy protections automatically
  • VLC Media Player: Region Code
  • HandBrake: cannot remove any copy protection
  • MakeMKV: able to decrypt BD+ and AACS
  • CyberLink Power DVD: Not able to decrypt any copy-protected files
  • WinX: remove 99-title copy protection from kids’ DVDs
  • FreeStar: cannot process encrypted video files
  • WonderFox: remove 99 titles, region code and image encryption
  • MacX: Decrypt CSS, Sony ARccOS, RC, UOPs, APS, Disney movies copy protection
  • Freemake: copy files with region code copy protection
  • Format Factory: rip encrypted DVD discs with Region code and UOPs
  • DVD Shrink: digitalize protected DVDs with CSS, RC, RCE
  • Leawo: back up DVDs with region code copy protection
  • Aimersoft: deal with CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS, and PuppetLock
  • Xilisoft: fail to rip a copy protected DVD or Blu-ray

For details about the information of such decryption tools, have a review of another article.  Don’t forget that DVDFab BD and UHD singles and bundles are on sale with 50% OFF with a discount code of 50FORMKV.

The Future of Discs

Nowadays, the trend of DVD copy, rip, or burn seems to die down especially for the young. They are inclined to watch videos or enjoy music with mobile devices. so the streaming service is holding more attention. Now, CBS, Netflix, Disney, HBO, etc., make their contents easily accessible online with no time and space limit.

Watch videos online
Will discs disappear

When you want to get a video from YouTube or some other streaming websites, how to do that? There is a downloader package recommended that enables you to download videos from 1000+ websites, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, CBS, and more. Then, let’s see how this video downloader works.

  • Download DVDFab Downloader launched on Windows or Mac
  • Click DRM Video Downloader if you want Netflix, Amazon, etc, videos
  • Click ‘Explorer’ or just Paste URL if you want YouTube, Facebook videos
  • If you use DRM, continue to sign in Netflix and search your movie, then DVDFab DRM Downloader will download it automatically.
Download Netflix videos
How to download Netflix

If you paste URLs of YouTube videos or search the name of a YouTube via the panel of Explorer, you will be asked to set the output video quality ranging from 720p to 8K. Then start to download the videos you want. DVDFab supports batch download and works fast without quality loss.

Besides videos, you can also convert YouTube to MP3 with DVDFab YouTube to MP3. You can purchase this single or buy the Downloader All-In-One packages where YouTube to MP3 converter is included. Then similar to the use of video download, set music quality after loading your file. he highest audio output from this music downloader is 320 kbps. If you want to rip DVD to the highest audio quality, Free DVD Ripper is your best assistant.

Wish you have a good journey to deal with your discs and download digital files you want from the most popular platforms with DVDFab. Good luck! For any questions, you can contact me via [email protected]


Now, have you decided on which free software to be used to learn how to rip DVDs/Blu-rays/UHDs? In pursuit of high video quality, diversified output formats, fast ripping speed, as well as encryption decrypting ability, DVDFab surpasses others like MakeMKV, WinX, WonderShare, etc. Free download such software as DVDFab UHD/Blu-ray/DVD Copy/Ripper/Creator, and keep your old memories on your computer safely.

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How to Use MakeMKV & HandBrake – DVD & Blu ray Ripping Tool

Have you ever heard of the news of MakeMKV down? What causes it and whether it is still safe to use this software? If you are not sure, use the best MakeMKV alternative that is on sale with 50% OFF. You can purchase all the BD and UHD bundles or singles of DVDFab with the discount code: 50FORMKV (valid until the end of May 1st).

MakeMKV and HandBrake are often mentioned together as DVD and Blu ray ripping tools. Do you know the reason for that? Today I will uncover the fact and tell you how to use MakeMKV and HandBrake for DVD and Blu ray ripping. After reading this article, you will find a good place to save your discs currently in a cabinet or shelf surrounded by dust. So now follow me to learn how to back up movies, TV shows, etc. with the widely used DVD & Blu ray ripping tool – MakeMKV & HandBrake.

Rip DVD/Blu ray to MKV with MakeMKV

Before learning how to use MakeMKV to rip DVD and Blu ray, be clear about “What is MKV”, “Is it legal to convert DVD and Blu ray”, “Is MakeMKV free and its limitations” as well as “Preparations before how to use MakeMKV”.

(1) What is MKV?

MKV stands for Matroska video. This video format is similar to MP4, AVI, WMV, etc., in format, but contains more video, audio, image and subtitles tracks than them in use. That’s why DVD and Blu-ray collectors hope to learn how to use MakeMKV to convert DVD or Blu-ray to this format.

(2) Is it legal to convert DVD and Blu-ray?

As to whether it is legal to rip DVD or Blu ray, think before you leap based on your region law. No matter it is commercial DVD/Blu-ray discs or personal ones, be careful and keep away from delinquency. Otherwise learning how to use MakeMKV is a waste of time.

(3) Is MakeMKV free and its limitations?

Definitely, MakeMKV is free and it provides you with a 30-day free trial. But there are some limitations followed behind MakeMKV beta download unless you pay $50 or more for a lifetime license.

Limitations in how to use MakeMKV beta:

  • First, the service in MakeMKV beta is time-limited. MakeMKV changes its beta key every two months, so you have to download the new version of MakeMKV following this update.
  • Second, the MakkeMKV beta doesn’t support HD-DVD, so they may be not available in this software. And even if they can be decoded, not all the audios and subtitles won’t be preserved.
  • Third, in order to run MakeMKV beta version, Windows administrator privileges are required.
MakeMKV is compatible with multiple systems.
Install MakeMKV on Windows/Mac/Linux

(4) Preparations before using MakeMKV

In order to learn how to use MakeMKV to rip DVD and Blu ray, you need to prepare such things.

  • Big hard drive

DVD and Blu ray take up large space, so you should ensure your hard drive is big enough to hold DVDs and Blu-rays you are going to rip. Generally speaking, a single DVD will be 4.7 GB or so, while a Blu-ray disc will be about 50 GB.

  • Optical drive

Which kind of optical drive you need to prepare depends on ripping DVD or Blu ray with MakeMKV. If you use MakeMKV to rip DVD, a DVD drive is enough. If you have a Blu-ray drive, any CD, DVD, and Blu-ray can be ripped with it. Many people purchase an optical drive like PioXeer BDR from Best Buy, Amazon, or other stores. You can also give it a try.

Prepare you disc
Insert your DVD/Blu-ray Disc

(5) How to use MakeMKV to rip DVD and Blu ray

  • Launch MakeMKV in Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Insert a disc to your optical drive or USB cable
  • Click “File”> “Open disc” and select the target disc
  • Click the button like a drive – Wait for MakeMKV to analyze your disc
  • Look through the disc content – Tick off the boxes you want to rip (video, audio, subtitle, etc.)
  • Set the output folder
  • Click the “Make MKV” button – Convert DVD/Blu ray to MKV

Notes: If there are several tiles in your disc, you’ll get one file for each.

The beta key valid until July 2021:


Decide where to save your files
Set Output Folder

How long will it take to rip DVDs or Blu- rays with MakeMKV?

There are two factors influencing the time spent on DVD and Blu-ray ripping with MakeMKV. First is the video quality you have selected. The higher the quality is, the longer the time is. So you have to give up demands for quality if you want to rip DVD or Blu-ray fast. Second, the performance of your CPU matters a lot. If it is strong enough, DVDs and Blu-rays will be processed fast.

Cons of ripped DVD and Blu-ray with MakeMKV?

Use MakeMKV to rip DVD/Blu ray to MKV and the output file will be huge, as much as 30-40 GB. Then the big MKV file will cause iOS device full, trouble in video streaming even if your home Wi-Fi is smooth and strong, as well as incompatibility with most mobile devices.

In order to solve such problems, you have two ways with the help of HandBrake.

Solution 1

Convert MKV to an Apple-compatible format with HandBrake, so that you can add it to iTunes, Apple TV, or other iOS devices.

  • Download HandBrake on Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Start HandBrake and click “File” under “Source Selection
  • Load the MKV file ripped by MakeMKV
  • Reset the file name and destination based on your preference
  • Click the button of “Encode” and HandBrake will convert DVD/Blu ray to MP4 format

Solution 2

Decrease MKV size with HandBrake but retain MKV format.

  • Find the “Presets Drawer
  • Click the disclosure triangle next to Matroska
  • Choose one preferred preset

Recommend preset (HandBrake doesn’t support H.265):

Blu ray: H.264 MKV 1080p30

DVD: H.264 MKV 576p26 or H.264 MKV 480p30

Note: VP8 and VP9 are Google codes that are unavailable on Apple devices.

What is the difference between converting MKV to M4V and converting MKV to MKV?

Let me give you some data to make it clear. Suppose the size of an MKV file is 30-40 GB. If you convert it to .M4V, it will become 6-10GB. However, if you convert it to H.264 MKV 1080p30 preset, the size will be 3-4 GB. It is a huge difference in size, right? So decrease MKV to smaller MKV saves more space than converting MKV to other formats.

How long will it take to convert a big MKV file to a small MKV file?

Nearly the same with the duration of your DVD or Blu-ray movie.

So choose the bundle of MakeMKV & HandBrake will spend you 4 hours in total to convert DVD/Blu-ray to MKV and make the output file smaller in size.

The difference between ripping DVD and Blu-ray with MakeMKV

After MakeMKV rips your DVD, the output files will be saved using the movie title. While if you rip Blu ray using MakeMKV, the output videos will be named as Title_01, Title_02, Title_03, etc. So maybe you need to rename such files another time.

Naming a ripped file needs skills rather than give a name at will, otherwise, a video player may fail to locate and read it. So there are some tips on how to name a file for you.

  • How to name a movie: \subfolder\movie name (Year)\somefilename.mkv

eg.: \Movies/Avatar (2009)\somefilename.mkv

  • How to name TV shows using one folder: \TV Shows\TV name (Year)\Season number\TV name. Episode number – Filename

eg.: \TV Shows\House (2004)\Season 1\House.S01E01 – Everybody Lies.mkv

MakeMKV alternative
Rip your DVD/Blu-ray files

Rip DVD and Blu ray with HandBrake

Besides using MakeMKV to rip DVD and Blu ray and deal with the output MKV files with Hand Brake, HandBrake itself works to rip DVD and Blu ray disc, and it has much common with MakeMKV. For example, both MakeMKV and HandBrake are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux as well and they are able to convert DVD to MKV. Besides that, HandBrake can also rip DVD to MP4, while MakeMKV enables you to choose subtitles free. If you choose HandBrake to rip DVD, “Forced Subtitles” will be used to translate foreign languages. And Blu ray discs will use a different system to display subtitles.

DVD/Blu ray ripper with more output formats

Now, let’ me introduce a MakeMKV alternative – DVDFab DVD Ripper. This free software can rip DVD with more output video formats besides MKV and MP4.

(1) Download and install DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper is compatible with Windows and Mac. Get it launched on your machine first. Remember to choose the module of “Ripper”, which is very important.

Free Download

(2) Import your DVD video

DVDFab DVD Ripper supports DVD disc (2D $ 3D), DVD folder, and DVD ISO image file.

DVDFab DVD Ripper
How to rip DVD movies

(3) Choose output format and folder

Click the option of “Choose Other Profile” and select a preferred output format for your DVD movie. Then, set the output folder using the options at the bottom. Click “Start” and wait for your DVD movie in your favorite format like MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.

The Best MakeMKV Alternative
DVDFab DVD Ripper

Is it easy to use DVDFab DVD Ripper to rip your DVDs? If you want to make a digital backup copy of Blu-ray discs that you have legally purchased, turn to DVDFab Blu-ray for help.

Display Ripped DVD and Blu ray Better

After ripping DVD and Blu-ray with MakeMKV, many people choose a VLC media player to play it. In fact, there are also other MKV players available.

(1) Metax – Play MKV on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

After launching this player, click the option of “AUTOTAG” on the top. Then Metax will scrap a cover from the Internet based on your movie name. But sometimes, the bug is Metax may fail to find such a cover, so you have to download a cover and add it to the section of “Select File”. Then play your ripped DVD or Blu-rays featuring a corresponding cover.

(2) DVDFab Player 6

This free MKV player defeats almost 99 percent of video players in performance and ease of use. It offers PC mode and TV mode, scrapes and downloads the most beautiful covers from the Internet to display your videos and music in the library. And it never fails to do that. You can use it to play any DVD/Blu ray disc or videos encoded by H.264 and H.265. There is also a menu mode provided. You can create a playlist and watch it in the best video and audio quality.

Free Download
The Best MKV Player


Have you had a full picture of how to use MakeMKV to rip DVD and Blu-ray movies? Follow the instructions above, you will get plenty of DVD and Blu-ray movies in your favorite formats. In the future, it will be easy for you to enjoy your DVD and Blu-ray videos on a PC, iPhone, iPad, and any other mobile devices.

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“Where to Find The MakeMKV Key” Fixed

Where to find the MakeMKV key to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs, and how do you deal with such old files? In the 1990s, technological progress brought us to an era of discs. Since then, almost all the countries in the world were obsessed with the round disc. But nowadays, who can imagine DVD and Blu-ray discs almost dying out? So you’d better convert DVD to digital format free with MakeMKV and a MakeMKV key to make old DVD and Blu-ray discs survive.

What Is MakeMKV Key for?

Have you ever used MakeMKV to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs and output files in MKV format? This software, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, is free-to-use with a MakeMKV key. If you want to save money with free DVD ripping software, just find the MakeMKV key at your best.

MakeMKV forum is a good place to find the MakeMKV key, MakeMKV coupon code, and MakeMKV registration code? But sometimes, it may spend you lots of time in finding it if you are a newcomer. So would you like to find a shortcut?

Similar to MakeMKV DVD ripping software, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper also help you to rip DVD and Blu-ray files. They save you from finding a code like a MakeMKV key and very suitable for both beginners and experts. You can enjoy a free service for up to 30 days.  So if you find MakeMKV hard-to-use, turn to the MakeMKV alternative for help. With free and versatile functions, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper have gained in popularity over recent years. They keep you from the anxiety of “where to find the MakeMKV key“.

MakeMKV Key
Tools to make a digital backup copy of DVD/Blu-ray discs

How to Use MakeMKV?

What is followed are the detailed instructions on how to use MakeMKV to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs. For those who want a MakeMKV key or MakeMKV registration code, look through the MakeMKV forum carefully.

(1) Get MakeMKV launched on your machine

Does MakeMKV download need money? Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. To be exact, MakeMKV is free in beta when you have a MakeMKV key registration code. In the free version of this software, all the DVD functionality is free of charge, so is part of the functionality of BD. But to enjoy all the services of MakeMKV, you’d better purchase it.

Note: The current MakeMKV beta key valid until July 2021:


(2) Put DVD or Blu-ray disc to your drive

After launching MakeMKV on your Windows or Mac with or without the assistance of the MakeMKV key, put your DVD or Blu-ray disc to your optical drive. A Blu-ray drive can read both DVD and Blu-ray discs. While a DVD drive is only capable to read Blu-ray discs, though you have a MakeMKV key in hand. After one minute or so, MakeMKV will finish reading your file and stop spinning. At this moment, click the “disc” icon on the interface, and you will see all the files in the disc. With the help of the MakeMKV key, everything is free.

MakeMKV Key
Put DVD/Blu-ray discs to your drive

(3) Set the output folder

Where to save your ripped DVD or Blu-ray file so as to find your MKV video easily? Click the option under “Output folder” and choose a default folder or set a new one to store your file.

MakeMKV Key
Set “output folder” in MakeMKV

(4) Select preferred video & audio

Supported by a MakeMKV key, choose preferred titles to rip after seeing all the files on a disc. There are many files in the DVD or Blu-ray disc. Just select your preferred titles and tick the boxes off, or rip them all.

(5) Click Make MKV

Now, it is time to click the button “Make MKV” and start the conversion. Then MakeMKV will work fast to convert your DVD or Blu-ray video to the format of MKV for free after detecting the MakeMKV key. After the progress ends, track your file in the output folder.

Supported Devices for MKV Format

MKV, created by a Russian developer, stands for Matroska Video files. It is a comprehensive multimedia container file format, widely used on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices, etc. Files in MKV format display high quality. So, converting videos from a DVD or Blu-ray disc to MKV format is forward-looking. That’s why MakeMKV is dedicated to converting files to this format and why the MakeMKV key is so popular.

MKV format compatibility
Where to play MKV files

Difficulties in Using MakeMKV

Although MakeMKV is powerful, not all the users can get the MakeMKV registration key easily. Most people are confused about where to find the MakeMKV key. The first time I came to its website, I was almost dizzy to find this free code, too. So you need much patience and a keen eye to find the MakeMKV license.

(1) MakeMKV Registration Key:

MakeMKV registration key often updates, nearly every two months regularly. You can use the most lately code listed below or buy the full activation key for more functions.

MakeMKVBeta Key (Valid until the end of January 2021): T-gco77foDGdw0bI6tKKFxDorZSRn12AHy85tDdl1rS6QpUv5p5JFWPEj7e0nYV8iU8o

(2) Permanent Key Finding:

For comprehensive functions of MakeMKV, a special MakeMKV code after purchasing it is needed. Go to the official website of MakeMKV. Click “Help” > “Purchase”. Or, head to “” directly.

(3) MakeMKV Price:

MakeMKV is a little expensive which is worth about $AU 88. If you are an occasional user to convert videos from a DVD and Blu-ray disc to MKV format, DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper are your best assistant.

(4) System Date Changing:

Besides using a MakeMKV key to launch MakeMKV, you should ensure your system date is available. To make MakeMKV available on your Windows, right-click the clock in the taskbar > “Adjust date/time”. The same goes for MacOS.

Fix MakeMKV Key Not Found

DVDFab DVD Ripper and DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper are good alternatives to MakeMKV. They are easier to use than MakeMKV. Most importantly, there is no registration code you need to look for. Instead, you can enjoy free services directly after downloading such MakeMKV alternatives. Here, I will take DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper as an example, showing you how to rip 2D/3D Blu-rays from discs to popular 2D/3D videos.

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
MakeMKV Alternative

(1) Download and install DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

While you are installing this software, the best MakeMKV alternative, there is no need to worry about viruses. It is safe to use any DVDFab products. After starting DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper choose the “Ripper” module first, change the interface language and choose an output directory through the “inverted triangle” in the upper-right corner > “Common Settings”.

Free Download

(2) Load your Blu-ray video from a disc

Similar to the use of MakeMKV, you need to insert your Blu-ray disc to your Blu-ray drive first. But this time, no MakeMKV registration code is needed. Click the “+” icon in the center of the interface and load your video.

Choose Other Profile
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

(3) Choose output format

Find the option of “Choose Other Profile” and then set the output video format based on your need. Superior to MakeMKV, DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper supports more video formats including AVI, FLV, M2TS, MKV, MP4, TS, and WMV. Without the disturbance of the MakeMKV key generator, DVDFab Blu-ray keeps your journey pleasant.

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper
Rip Blu-ray to MKV, MP4, etc.

(4) Set the output directory

At the bottom of the interface of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, the best MakeMKV alternative, there is an option of “Save to”. You can save the output file on Mobile Device, Folder, or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook. Then, click the button  “Start”. This is the end of how to convert Blu-ray videos in a disc to MKV and other formats without a MakeMKV key.

Free Download
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, MakeMKV Alternative
Set The Output Directory


When you find MakeMKV is hard to use, remember that DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper is waiting for you. With the help of DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper, there is no MakeMKV registration code or MakeMKV key is needed. Free access combined with easy steps makes this MakeMKV alternative stand out.

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MakeMKV Review 2021 for DVD/Blu-ray Ripping

MakeMKV was forbidden the second time, trace the reasons for MakeMKV down and find its best MakeMKV alternative – DVDFab. Now, this alternative is on sale by the end of May 1st. Use the discount code (50FORMKV) to get all the Blu-ray and UHD singles and bundles of DVDFab 12.

Note: See what you cannot do during MakeMKV down here.

DVDFab Blundle 50% Off on Sale
50% Off in Price

“Movie Disc” vs “Streaming Service”

Nowadays, there are many ways to watch movies, and let’s see the pros and cons of each situation.

Situation 1: I collect movies since high school and continue to do that throughout college.


  • It gives me an opportunity to share movies with friends.


  • I have to pack up boxes of DVDs home and spare space for them.
  • DVDs and Blu-rays are easy to be broken or lost.
  • Each disc movie will cost me about $15-20.
  • The release of discs is later than online display, and some movies have no physical release plan.
  • Region code makes some discs unavailable in some districts.

Situation 2: I watch movies online through streaming services on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu, etc.


  • It seems you have more choices to select any video online.


  • Not all the movies you want can be found on such online streaming platforms. Old disc movies are hard to find in streaming. If you want a rich movie library, you have to pay for multiple online websites.
  • Subscription fees are needed for different websites. For example, you can subscribe iTune for $12/month or Vudu for $3-7/month.
  • Streaming quality is far from the original movie in a disc.
  • Televisions are still the best way to watch movies, but they may not offer the specific app where your movies are. So you have to connect your TV with streaming apps.

After a detailed comparison of “movie disc collection” and “online streaming service”, which way do you like to watch your favorite videos? If you choose the former, there are lots of DVD and Blu ray decrypters and DVD/Blu-ray ripping software available. Continue to read and find the best answer.

Is MakeMKV Free(Is MakeMKV Still in Beta)?

Yes, MakeMKV beta still exists to offer a free trial for up to 30 days, and you can pursuit a MakeMKV beta download to save your money.

Note: The current MakeMKV beta key valid until July 2021:


How Much Does MakeMKV Cost?

$50 together with some taxes will be charged if you desire to support this MKV maker and enjoy more functions in the MakeMKV full version. After you purchase that, a registration code will be sent to your mailbox within one week.

Does MakeMKV Lose Quality (Is MakeMKV Lossless)?

Yes, any software, including but not limited to MakeMKV, rips DVD and Blu ray with quality loss. But the video quality will not be affected greatly by the top DVD ripping software. And during the process of DVD to MKV or Blu ray to MKV conversion, all the metadata in your files such as track titles, chapter and language will be kept intact.

How Fast MakeMKV Rip DVD or Blu-ray Files?

Lack of hardware acceleration makes MakeMKV slow to rip DVD and Blu rays. So how long your movie is, how long it will take to convert DVD and Blu-ray files using MakeMKV. If you are not content with MakeMKV rip speed, you can ask a MakeMKV alternative for help. For example, DVDFab DVD Ripper, supported by multi-core CPUs, the newest NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel Quick Sync, offers a lightning ripping speed. So you can use this MakeMKV alternative for batch conversion of DVD and Blu ray files.

Can MakeMKV Rip Blu Ray?

Yes, MakeMKV rips both DVD and Blu ray files, and MKV is the only output format of this software. If you want to convert DVD to MP4 or other formats, you can use a video converter such as DVDFab Video Converter to finish that.

Preset in MakeMKV before ripping DVD/Blu-ray files

How to Use MakeMKV (How Do I Make an MKV File)?

MakeMKV is dedicated to creating MKV out of DVD and Blu-ray files, so follow the steps below to output an MKV file.

  • Get MakeMKV launched in your machine (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Insert a disc in your optical drive
  • Click the icon of “drive”, and wait for MakeMKV to scan the file
  • Tick off the titles, audio tracks, subtitles you want
  • Set an output folder
  • Click the button of “Make MKV”
  • Decrypt region code, BD+, AACS automatically and make MKV file

How to rip MakeMKV DVD and Blu-ray videos

How Do You Shrink MKV Files?

MKV file size is very big, so if you choose MakeMKV as your DVD ripping software, lots of space is needed especially for Blu-ray videos. In order to solve this problem, how do you shrink an MKV file? The best method I think is to convert MKV to MP4 using DVDFab Video Converter. Through this way, 10GB file can be compressed to 2-3GB as MP4 file size is smaller than that of MKV.

Why Is MKV File Hard to Play?

MKV is a container format able to hold all kinds of video, audio, picture, and subtitle tracks together, but it is not a standard video format, so many players fail to decode MKV files. For instance, it is impossible to play an MKV file in Apple’s Apps like iTunes or on iOS devices. So if you want to convert DVD or Blu-ray to MKV with MakeMKV, you need to find a special MKV player like DVDFab Player 6.

Another problem you need to take into account is copy protection, which makes it hard to copy DVD and Blu-ray to a hard drive, NAS box, or USB stick, even if you have paid for a disc. Accordingly, players able to play copy-protected movies also rise in price.

Does MakeMKV Remove Copy Protection (Does MakeMKV Decrypt DVD)?

Yes, MakeMKV can rip protected DVD and Blu-ray files including region code, AACS, and BD+ encryption. And it bypasses AACS and BD+ independently. From this aspect, MakeMKV is better than Magic DVD Ripper, since Magic needs the help of AnyDVD HD to decrypt Blu ray protection. But according to DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in the United States, it is illegal to decrypt Blu-ray and DVDs, so Google has removed MakeMKV download page recently. In response to this breaking news, you can find a MakeMKV alternative instead.

Common DVD and Blu ray protection

When you rip DVD and Blu ray files, copy protection removal is a key point you need to consider. Here, I will list some common DVD and Blu\-ray protections likely embedded in your discs.

(1) Common DVD Protection:

  • CSS (Content Scramble System) – a DRM (Digital Rights Management) and encryption system on commercial pre-recorded DVDs. It often causes strange behavior and odd error on computer systems, especially when a disc and a drive come from different regions.
  • Apple FairPlay: protect iTunes movies, TV shows, and music videos, making them inaccessible on non-Apple devices.
  • 99-Titles: present 99 titles for a DVD file to confuse people.
  • RC (Region Code): a DRM used to control DVD release, including its content, release date, price in a special region.
  • REC (Region-code enhanced): also called “REA”, used to prevent the playing of one regions’ disks in another region. Many “multi-region” DVD players can defeat this copy protection automatically.

  • UOP (User Operation Prohibition): keep users from modifying DVD sections using DVD players, widely used for copyright notices such as FBI warning.
  • Sony ArccOS (Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution): an additional layer in collaboration with CSS used to corrupt DVD sectors and lead to copying error.
  • APS (Analog Protection System): famous as Macrovision, usually applied to the composite analog video signal from DVD players. It controls video recorders automatically and leads to annoying shifts in brightness and color.
  • DVD Disc Corruption: take form in ARccOS (by Sony), Disney X (by Disney), RipGuard (by Rovi), etc., embedded in some commercial DVD releases. But most sophisticated DVD copy tools can manage it.
  • RipGuard: stop people from making a digital backup of DVD content using computer-based programs.

(2) Blu ray protections

  • AACS encryption: based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), developed by a series of companies including Disney, Intel, Microsoft, Panasonic, Warner Bros, IBM, etc.
  • BD+ protection: part of the Blu-ray Disc Digital Rights Management system, owned by Irdeto which bought it from Rovi Corporation in 2011.
  • Cinavia: involve “steganography” or watermarking, featuring “playback stopped” and “audio muted”. It is unique copy protection preventing media files and copied discs from playing on most Blu-ray players. MakeMKV cannot decrypt Cinavia as like DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper.

Blu ray and DVD Copy Protection Removal

In order to back up DVD and Blu-ray movies for personal use, there are many methods for DVD copy protection removal and Blu-ray copy protection removal. Some software can even be used for both copy protection removal and DVD/Blu-ray ripping. So here I will list some top DVD rippers and Blu-ray rippers for your choice.

(1) DVDFab Passkey for DVD (Windows): remove almost all DVD copy protections like RC, RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard, region code, etc.

(2) DVDFab DVD Cinavia Removal (Windows and Mac): detect and remove strong Cinavia watermarks automatically, enable you to play DVD files smoothly on PS3, PC, etc. with lossless AC3 audio track.

(3) DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray (Windows): bypass BD+, 3D BD+, AACS MKB v 26, AACS bus encryption, Region Code, BD-Live, and UOPs; allow users to watch any Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies.

(4)DVDFab Blu-ray Cinavia Removal (Windows and Mac): get rid of Cinavia protections embedded in Blu-ray audio tracks, helping you to rip Blu ray with DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper.

MakeMKV Alternatives

In order to rip DVD and Blu-ray files to your preferred video format besides and decrypt various copyright protection, ask some MakeMKV alternatives for help.

DVDFab DVD Ripper (Windows/Mac)

  • The best free DVD ripping software
  • Able to convert DVD disc/folder/ISO image file to 3D and 2D video
  • Output videos: MKV, MP4, AVI, FLV, WMV, M2TS, etc.
  • Supported audios: MP3, WAV, AAC, DTS, OGG, PCM, etc.
  • Export devices: Apple, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Google, etc.
  • Upscale videos to 1080p with the help of Enlarger AI
  • Convert DVD to Blu ray 10x faster and losslessly
  • Help you rip any part of your DVD files
Free Download
Rip DVD to MKV, MP4, etc.
DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper (Windows/Mac)

  • The best free Blu ray ripping software
  • Able to convert Blu ray disc/folder/ISO image file
  • Output 3D videos and 2D videos in mainstream formats
  • Offer “Enlarger AI” option to upscale video by 300%
  • Help you convert any part of your Blu ray files
  • Easy-to-use and no ads
Free Download
The Best MakeMKV Alternative
DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

DVDFab UHD Ripper (Windows/Mac)

  • The best free UHD ripper
  • Convert 4K UHD movie to MKV/M2TS/MP4
  • Free and fast without quality loss
  • Support 4K HEVC 10-bit or SDR quality

Mac DVDRipper Pro (Mac)

  • Able to read scratched and broken DVDs
  • Allow you to rip 5 DVD files in a free trial
  • Only make a backup of the main movie

DVD-Cloner (Windows/Mac)

  • Offer a 7-day free trial
  • Rip DVD/Blu ray to MKV/AVI, etc.
  • It is claimed to decrypt copy protections but no details
  • Interface language: English, French, Italian, and Polish

DVDSmith (Windows)

  • Decrypt DVD region code, CSS protection, ArccOS, UOPs
  • Rip protected DVDs to different formats like MP4, AVI, HTML5, etc.
  • Support devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S6, etc.

RipIt (Mac)

  • Rip everything to Mac including movie, subtitles, alternate tracks
  • It takes about 1.5 hours to rip a DVD
  • Output files playable on iTunes, iPod, iPhone, etc.

DVD Decrypter (Windows)

  • Able to decrypt CSS copy protection and region code
  • Convert DVD/Blu ray/UHD to MKV
  • Free DVD ripping software

Noteburner M4V Converter Plus (Windows/Mac)

  • Able to remove DRM protection on iTunes
  • Convert M4V to MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Keep AC3 5.1 audio and all subtitles

DVD Shrink (Windows)

  • Decrypt CSS, UOPs, and region code
  • Convert DVD fast and flawlessly
  • Simple and safe to use

AnyDVD HD (Windows)

  • Disable RPC region code, ARccOS, RipGuard from DVDs
  • Decrypt BD-Live from Blu-rays
  • Offer a free trial up to 21 days

If you desire more solutions to decrypt DVD and Blu-ray protections, find more answers in the Related Articles recommended below.


This MakeMKV review aims to solve all the problems you may encounter when using MakeMKV. “Is MakeMKV free”? “Is MakeMKV legal”? How to rip DVD and Blu-ray and decrypt the copy protection? In order to find all the answers you expect, go through this article and leave your comment if you desire more.

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