MakeMKV Download User Guide

MakeMKV download page disappears from Google for copyright!!! So will you download MakeMKV to get rid of tons of DVD and Blu-ray discs and have them online? What else hardware and software will you use to burn and upload files to a service like Google Play? Today, this article aims to provide an authoritative MakeMKV download guide for users who still supports this software, and recommends a safer alternative of MakeMKV as well.

Use MakeMKV on Mac to Rip Blu rays

If you want to use MakeMKV to rip Blu ray on Mac, download MakeMKV first. Then remove the copy protection embedded in your Blu ray files. Insert your Blu ray disc for MakeMKV to analyse or load it directly in your computer. Follow the navigation MakeMKV provides and convert Blu ray to MKV format. Continue to read and I will provide more details about how to use MakeMKV on Mac to Rip Blu ray in this article.

How to Use MakeMKV & HandBrake – DVD & Blu ray Ripping Tool

MakeMKV and HandBrake are often mentioned together as DVD and Blu ray ripping tools. Do you know the reason for that? Today I will uncover the fact and tell you how to use MakeMKV and HandBrake for DVD and Blu ray ripping. After reading this article, you will find a good place to save your discs currently in a cabinet or shelf surrounded by dust. So now follow me to learn how to back up movies, TV shows, etc. with the widely used DVD & Blu ray ripping tool – MakeMKV & HandBrake.

“Where to Find The MakeMKV Key” Fixed

Where to find the MakeMKV key to make a digital backup copy of DVD and Blu-ray discs? And how do you deal with your DVD/Blu-ray discs, especially for the passionate lovers of DVD and Blu-ray movies?

In the 1990s, technological progress brought us to an era of disc. Since then, almost all the countries in the workd were obsessed with the round disc. But nowadays, who can image a life with DVD and Blu-ray discs dying out? So you need to  convert DVD to digital format free with an MakeMKV key.

MakeMKV Review 2021 for DVD/Blu-ray Ripping

MakeMKV offers a beta key for you to start a free trial. You can use it to rip DVD and Blu-ray files, but the output video is only limited to MKV format. This file format is not supported by all media players. So there are some MakeMKV alternatives introduced for you to rip DVD and Blu-ray files to MP4 or other mainstream file formats. During the DVD ripping and Blu-ray ripping process, copyright protection may be another problem you need to deal with. Don’t worry, related solutions have been mentioned in this post for your reference.